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Import Sales and Purchase Transactions, Payments, etc.

Business Importer integrates with Sage Business Cloud Accounting and is a highly time efficient solution helping our customers to import Excel into Sage One Accounting . This saves a lot of manual effort in entering and verifying data in the Sage One system.


  Tools, Billing and Invoicing, Data integration

  Ireland, UK

  Non-Industry Specific

  Midsized business

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CloudBusiness LLC focuses on the custom development of products and business accounting software for the small and medium business sector that seek cloud based solutions.


We develop our own products and solutions to suit the needs of many small and medium businesses, but we also offer custom business accounting software development for our customers who contact us with their specific requirements.


In addition to this, you get other services:

  • Cloud solutions
  • Post-production support
  • Quality assurance
  • Server configuration
  • Software web development
  • Technical analytics and data visualizations
Automate Import of your Sales and Purchase Transactions, Journal entries, Products & Service from Excel to Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Upload Your Data And Select Sheet
Upload Excel (Xlsx/CSV) or provide URL from Google drive, dropbox or other external resource. Select sheet you want to import. Select Accounting company you want to import to and entity.

Create Mapping and Configure your import
Map columns from your file to Sage One fields. Save your mapping - you can re-use it for any other company as well. Configure your import: you can create automatically accounts or products, autoassign document numbers for your objects, etc.

Do not wait until it is done
After you schedule you can start another import and do anything you need. As soon as import will be finished you will be notified by email.


[email protected]
(469) 629-7891



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