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Gain efficiency integrating Audros PLM/EDM with Sage X3
Since 1993, Audros technology has developed the EDM/PLM Audros Solution for SMEs from 50 to 2000 employees as well as subsidiaries of larger companies. Audros solutions are used both in France and abroad (China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal,…) by more than 180 customers and 15,000 users.

Sage and Audros have created a partnership to offer a global solution combining the Audros Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) suite with Sage X3.

Perfectly integrated, the EDM Audros solution manages and secures technical documents selected from Sage X3.

The solution is upgradeable to PLM Audros for Sage X3. The upgrade provides features for the management of Product information for the entire company as well as the ability to access all the modules for the automatic creation of documents, process automation and monitoring of projects, etc.

The optional CAD connectors add the management of 3D models and BOM exchange with Sage X3.

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