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Forget all about any paperwork for your expense reports. Captio transforms your smartphone into the perfect tool for your corporate travel. Use it to capture your receipts, bills, mileage and other travel expenses and automatically generate your reports.
Captio is the leading platform for automating business expense management. Thousands of corporate travellers from companies in all sectors and of all sizes use Captio to unburden themselves from paperwork on their business trips.
It all starts with your smartphone, the key to full digital management of your travel and expenses. Captio eliminates paper from your company’s expense management, filing all of the data practically and securely on the cloud. Moreover, its automatic scanning system removes the need for manual tasks, thereby enhancing productivity and preventing errors.
Captio integrates all of the aspects of expense management in a single process: expense reporting, supervising business expenses and integrating expense management data with your company’s processes and systems.

Android 4.0.3 and up, iOS 9.3 and up. Compatible with iPad.

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