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Helping Charities Succeed

Donation Manager enables charities to manage all online and offline donations. Claim gift aid, manage supporters, administer appeals and more. Free to all UK registered charities.


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Raise Your Profile is a 100% not for profit company.

With over 18 years experience working with charities, we have an in-depth understanding and expertise to build real solutions for charities.

We provide systems, platforms and events all 100% free to charities.

Our primary aim is to cut out the middle man and put the charity itself in control.

Raise Your Profile has a mission of helping charities succeed and making a positive difference by offering a number of unique systems and platforms (Donation Manager RedCloud™ Suite) to over 13,000 UK charities. 

The underlying model is the first of its kinds and has reshaped the world of online giving. Donated money going directly from the donor to the charity compared to the standard all other platforms adopt of handling/holding the money for a period of time before taking a commission and passing the rest to the charity.


This unique model completely eliminates any risk of the charity not receiving its money and as such instills the donor with confidence. This also speeds up the process and as such the charity can utilise the donated money quicker, which in times of real need such as natural disasters can literally mean the difference between life and death. 


The systems offer management of online and offline donations to seamlessly integrate into the charity’s Sage account.


The core systems include:

TotalGiving - Online Fundraising Platform

TotalGiving™ gives charities & supporters the ability to create unlimited fundraising pages and campaigns.

NowDonate™ - Online Payment System 

Through NowDonate™ charities have the ability to take debit card, credit card, PayPal and direct debit donations on Facebook, email, through their website and more. NowDonate™ offers charities a powerful API and web hooks giving maximum flexibility to use for their shopping carts, custom checkouts and much more.

Donation Manager RedCloud™ Unlimited - Gift Aid Claims & Donation Management 

Through Donation Manager charities can make unlimited gift aid claims with 100% of the money going directly from HMRC to the charity. Donation Manager acts as the central hub for charities to manage all the systems provided by Raise Your Profile in one place.

Plans and work is under way to introduce this model to other countries including US, Canada & Australia.

Fully responsive accessible anywhere on any device.

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