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Integrate EDI and ERP Seamlessly

MAPADOC’s seamless integration with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management provides customers with peace of mind that their EDI needs are being handled from beginning to end. 


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MAPADOC offers EDI (electronic data interchange) processing software that seamlessly integrates with your ERP to double-check the details for you, making sure your i’s are dotted, and your t’s are crossed. Effortlessly.

Developed in the late 1990’s, MAPADOC was created to fill the need for integrated EDI without the time and expense required for custom development. First integrated with Sage 100, MAPADOC became the go to EDI solution when Sage turned over their EDI customers to MAPADOC in 1998. As MAPADOC matured, SWK Technologies developed integrations with Sage 500 and Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

Today, MAPADOC for Enterprise Management​ is the only Sage certified, fully integrated, embedded EDI solution for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.​.

MAPADOC’s seamless integration with Enterprise Management provides customers with peace of mind that their EDI needs are being handled from beginning to end. Working with the translator, MAPADOC collects the inbound EDI documents, processes them and brings them into Enterprise Management. On the outbound side, when triggered by activities within Enterprise Management, MAPADOC will process and send the outbound documents to the trading partner.

MAPADOC is configured in four distinct modules, each module containing specific document sets.

  • The Sales Order Processing module includes the inbound Purchase Order (850/875), the outbound Invoice (810/880), the Product Activity Data Report (852) and the PO Acknowledgement (855).
  • The ASN Module contains the outbound Advance Ship Notice (856). The Advance Ship Notice document is often required by large retailers as it gives them detailed shipping information.
  • The Purchase Order Processing module includes the inbound Invoice (810) and the outbound Purchase Order (850). The Purchase Order module is used by businesses that purchase goods from suppliers.
  • The Remote Warehouse module includes documents normally exchanged by businesses that utilize outside warehouses or third party logistics (3PL) companies. The warehouse documents include the outbound Warehouse Shipping Order (940) and the inbound Warehouse Shipping Advice (945).

Running a recent version of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management V6, v7, PU8 or PU9

The MAPADOC team brings deep ERP and EDI knowledge to the table providing you with expert guidance for your EDI implementation and ongoing support. 


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