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Blooming Stream

Boost, Automate & Scale your Business Innovation Effortlessly

Complete end-to-end Salesforce native Cloud solution for subscription businesses.


  Billing and Invoicing, Business Management Solution, Reporting / BI

  Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, UK, US

  Non-Industry Specific

  Midsized business

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  • Bizfocus Solutions has been founded in February 2001; it is a French based company with a focus on international activities.
  • Bizfocus Solutions offers Business Information Systems & Technology consulting services and solutions.
  • Bizfocus Solutions majors clients are International Financial, Insurance, Assistance groups.
  • Mastering core business Information Systems and their architectures, Bizfocus Solutions expanded recently its activity by partnering with experts in new digital technologies, in order to bridge existing systems with the new challenges.
Blooming Stream is the First End to End Competitive Cloud Business Solution for Effortless, Fast & Agile Product Monetization, Market Introduction & continious evolution.
Blooming Stream is a complete competitive end to end Service & Subscription Business Relationship Management Engine and is optionally & fully integrated with Salesforce for CRM, Zuora & Sage Business Cloud Financials for billing and accounting.

Integrated with Financials and Salesforce CRM, Blooming Stream offers:

·        A complete End to End Cloud Business Solution

·        3 X faster business implementation

·        Most competitive, comprehensive & cost effective

·        Scalable effortlessly

·        Fit all size companies

·        Full business traceability & compliance from CRM & sales to accounting

·        Real time, End to End reporting & dashboard for Subscription business

·        Full Salesforce solution:

                  Eliminating cost & performance constraint
                 *   Cross reporting: operational and financial

Blooming Stream support Subscription business & Service platform, in B2B, B2B2C & B2C modes.
Blooming Stream is an industry agnostic solution having interest especiallly today for:

   -  Insurance & Financial service platforms
   -  Media Services
   -  Digital Services
   -  Retail subscriptions / i.e. boxes
   -  IOT Services
   -  Car equipments & services
   -  Healthcare Services
Blooming Stream enables fast time to market for:
   -  Startups as a Pay as you grow turnkey end to end SaaS solution
   -  Innovation business units in large companies

Blooming Stream provides: 

1- A Product Plan Marketing Factory for designing  & assembling, like lego blocks, product bundles, usages and rules from the marketing, operational & princing  points of views.
2- A Business Execution Engine relying on the Product Factory:

       -  Quote setup charges & recurrent charges, estimate usages charges
          for a Product Plan
       -  Generate and settle a contract
       -  Manage contract Lifecycle
       -  Provision operations & Setup services
       -  Manage Service access right regarding the subscribed Plan
       -  Measure, detail and valuate Usages
       -  Send to billing the recurrent and usage charges  

These functionalities can be accessed by end customer from a custom Self Service Portal and by Product marketing, Sales & Sales support teams.
Supported Product Features:

    *  Product Plan Bundling model
    *  Setup, Recurrent & Usage based charges
    *  Pay as you go plans
    *  Prepaid usages (Currency or Coin unit)
    *  Dynamic Pricing based on operational conditions
    *  Multi dimensions for pricing:
            -  Per volumes
            -  Direct & indirect sales
            -  Usage price per bundle
            -  Custom dimension

Salesforce editions:
Enterprise, Unlimited,



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