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Blooming Stream

Boost, Automate & Scale your Business Innovation Effortlessly
Blooming Stream is the First End to End Competitive Cloud Business Solution for Effortless, Fast & Agile Product Monetization, Market Introduction & continious evolution.
Blooming Stream is a complete competitive end to end Service & Subscription Business Relationship Management Engine and is optionally & fully integrated with Salesforce for CRM, Zuora & Sage Live for billing and accounting.
Blooming Stream support Subscription business & Service platform, in B2B, B2B2C & B2C modes.
Blooming Stream is an industry agnostic solution having interest especiallly today for:

   -  Insurance & Financial service platforms
   -  Media Services
   -  Digital Services
   -  Retail subscriptions / i.e. boxes
   -  IOT Services
   -  Car equipments & services
   -  Healthcare Services
Blooming Stream enables fast time to market for:
   -  Startups as a Pay as you grow turnkey end to end SaaS solution
   -  Innovation business units in large companies

Blooming Stream provides: 

1- A Product Plan Marketing Factory for designing  & assembling, like lego blocks, product bundles, usages and rules from the marketing, operational & princing  points of views.
2- A Business Execution Engine relying on the Product Factory:

       -  Quote setup charges & recurrent charges, estimate usages charges
          for a Product Plan
       -  Generate and settle a contract
       -  Manage contract Lifecycle
       -  Provision operations & Setup services
       -  Manage Service access right regarding the subscribed Plan
       -  Measure, detail and valuate Usages
       -  Send to billing the recurrent and usage charges  

These functionalities can be accessed by end customer from a custom Self Service Portal and by Product marketing, Sales & Sales support teams.
Supported Product Features:

    *  Product Plan Bundling model
    *  Setup, Recurrent & Usage based charges
    *  Pay as you go plans
    *  Prepaid usages (Currency or Coin unit)
    *  Dynamic Pricing based on operational conditions
    *  Multi dimensions for pricing:
            -  Per volumes
            -  Direct & indirect sales
            -  Usage price per bundle
            -  Custom dimension

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Salesforce editions:
Enterprise, Unlimited,


Phone: + 33134590829/+33675628333
email: [email protected]

Integrated with Sage Live and Salesforce CRM, Blooming Stream offers:


·        A complete End to End Cloud Business Solution

·        3 X faster business implementation

·        Most competitive, comprehensive & cost effective

·        Scalable effortlessly

·        Fit all size companies

·        Full business traceability & compliance from CRM & sales to accounting

·        Real time, End to End reporting & dashboard for Subscription business

·        Full Salesforce solution:

                  Eliminating cost & performance constraint
                 *   Cross reporting: operational and financial


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