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Aritmos is a technological solution company for businesses. Our headquarters in Lleida and our branch offices in, Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai (UAE) and San José (US) feature extensive facilities and infrastructure as well as a team of more than 50 specialised professionals at your disposal (systems engineers, industrial engineers, analysts, licensed business specialists, management consultants, programmers, technicians, etc.).
We also have our own departments for application development, technical support, and customer service. This allows us to take full responsibility for the technological solutions we offer, so that you can entrust all your technology – both your applications and equipment – to a single company, and take advantage of the financial and operational advantages that entails.

Horticultural industries, agricultural cooperatives, livestock integration, oil presses, flour mills, vineyards, the dairy industry, cereal manufacturers, feed mills, agro-banking, etc. Knowing the ins and outs of the agri-food sectors from all their perspectives allows us to develop ERP software solutions which are 100% tailored to your organization. With more than 35 years in the business and hundreds of systems installed in cooperatives and agri-food companies, Aritmos has garnered the experience and capabilities required to streamline all your work processes. 

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