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Bizfocus Solutions

Boost, Automate & Scale your Business in the Cloud
Bizfocus Solutions:

   -  Founded in 2001
   -  Consulting services in optimizing products & business processes
   -  Driving solution implementation
   -  Experts in Software products
   -  Experts in Salesforce & Zuora
   -  Sage certified partner
   -  Launched in 2016 Blooming Stream Solution for the ‘Subscription Economy’

Bizfocus Solutions offers:

·        A complete End to End Cloud Business Solution

·        Comprehensive & cost effective

·        Scalable

·        Fit all size companies

·        Full business traceability & compliance from CRM & sales to accounting

·        Real time, End to End reporting & dashboard for business

·        FULL Salesforce solution:

               *   Eliminating cost & performance constraints

               *   Cross reporting: operational and financial

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