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Data integration operations are known to be stressful, costly and challenging. We decided to make it easier for you by creating an intuitive user-friendly platform facilitating these processes.
Myddleware for Sage Live enables you to connect Sage Live to your CRM, e-commerce, messaging tool and to all the other applications already connected to Myddleware – check the full list on our website.
Use Myddleware to migrate, synchronise and transform your quotes, bills, client and production infomation as well as other accounting data from one application to the other. You can also manage your clients from your CRM or e-commerce tool and synchronise the data with Sage Live.
With Myddleware :
  • Exploit your data better in a smarter and more productive way : no more double data entries from one application to another.
  • Tailor your data to your needs : set the data transfer rules and automation flows that better fit your business needs and practises.
  • Save money on data integration issues : no more endless IT expenses to ensure a smooth and secure data migration process.
Myddleware is a free open source tool that you can download and set up yourself without developer help. A demo version is also available on our website in case you need to test the solution out before downloading it. Should you need further assistance or have specific needs, we provide different service bundles.

To use Myddleware, download it from our website, connect your applications together, then set up your data transfer rules between your applications. For each supported application, you will find step by step tutorials and guidelines available on our community website.
As for hosting the solution, there are 2 possibilities :


Sage Live

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