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Global virtual gift codes redeemable in 85+ countries.

  Finance, Expense management, ,

  Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, UK, US, Germany

  Other Industry Solutions

  Midsized business

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Engage your employees, customers, partners and communities with the world's best rewards including merchandise, virtual rewards, retail gift cards, hotels, travel, experiences, event tickets, mobile top-up and more!

·        Nurture contacts, leads and send GCodes as gifts to over 85 countries.

·        Give thanks and send badges in lightning with GCode rewards.

·        Grow your community and send GCode rewards as members gain reputation levels.

GCodes are perfect for instant spot recognition in Chatter.

Power up your badges, leaderboards, perks, employee incentives and SPIFF programs. Supercharge engagement, build loyalty, improve sales and service performance, training completions, research panel and survey participation.

Add rewards to your Cloud Apps and Salesforce Communities

Use our comprehensive global rewards gallery tailored for different cultures, regions and currencies. Build a global member benefits and/or recognition portal with Salesforce Community Cloud.

Eliminate the complexity of reward management with GCodes.

- Fund your account, buy GCodes in one currency and send them internationally.
- Recipients can bank GCodes and save towards the rewards they really want.
- All in pricing including tax, delivery and customer support.
- Rewards are locally sourced and delivered with order tracking.
- Credit card top-up available for instant rewards!

Bulk buy available for Reward Funds.

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Contact:  +1 866 451 2225
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