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Manage Property, Costs, Revenue and Yield

Property Live is an online, real-time cloud-based solution that brings all your property management and accounting activities together in one secure system.


  Business Management Solution, Project Management

  Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, UK, US, Germany

  Non-Industry Specific

  Small business, Midsized business

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Enbu Consulting (Enbu) is all about using Technology to improve how companies do business. Since 2004 Enbu has been delivering proven software solutions, to companies in a wide array of industries, enabling them to successfully address issues around integration and business processes, such as – sales & pipeline management, lead generation, customer retention and service & support.


Over the past 12 years, we’ve built over many products to help our clients work more efficiently and effectively. These include Frameworks for integrating 3rd party applications and End-User Applications to help businesses manage key functional tasks. We also have Business Solutions to manage members, field service engineers and training.


Enbu combines leading technologies with proven technical and business process expertise to deliver critical business solutions with consistently demonstrable ROI outcomes.
Property Live is a cutting edge contemporary solution which streamlines all of the requirements for a Property Management solution against the backdrop of a professional Accounting solution all hosted on a robust Cloud online solution.

The key philosophy of the Property Live solution is simple. Each Property must be managed and analysed at three broad levels:

  -  Costs
  -  Revenue
  -  Yield

By working in these three areas for any Property, each one can be monitored and managed to ultimately have the most efficient ways to maximize:

  -  Quality of Service
  -  Efficient Revenue Collection
  -  Reduction in Costs
  -  Return on Investment




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