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Warehouse Manager X3

Advanced Warehouse Management and Stock Control for Sage X3
Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 is an advanced warehouse management system that is embedded within the Sage X3 business management system enabling users to increase efficiency, stock accuracy and reduce operation costs.
Warehouse Manager X3 (WHM X3) builds on Sage’s powerful setup around products and locations to extend the core application in the Sage X3 Framework and within the relevant standard screens, to deliver functionality for today’s fast moving warehouse.
Transactions: If there is a physical movement of stock within a business, then there is a transaction, delivered via the WHM X3 wireless linked client to carry out the business process. This starts with inbound products to a warehouse,  typically against a Purchase Order or Works Order, a guided put away of products and pallets or with a complex picking operation – all of which can be achieved with  Datalinx WHM X3.
Business Process functionality includes:
  • Miscellaneous Receipts
  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Location Transfers
  • Inter-site Transfers
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • Works Order Issues
  • Works Order Completion
  • Stock Take
  • Product Status Change
  • Shipment Preparation/Picking
  • Consolidated Picking
  • Pack and Despatch Bench
  • Enquiries
License Plates/Pallet numbers - Throughout the WHM X3 application, if required there is the introduction of “licence plates” or “Pallet Numbers” which can be used to move bulk product within the warehouse, yet the system still is agile enough to allow small part picking by means of product barcode picking.

Sage ADCs: As a Sage X3 business partner, you will be aware that the Sage X3 in built ADC application has a number of both business process and technology challenges, today’s warehouse need to be fast moving and driven, as opposed to just confirming from paper pick lists. The Datalinx WHM X3 system delivers to the needs of the user, within X3 and without compromise.

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