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The 100% SaaS/Cloud Field Service Management platform

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We created Praxedo in 2005, firmly convinced of the market potential for mobile technologies in field service. Back then, only integrators were offering solutions through specific app developments. We were certain that the future would bring packaged software solutions meeting customer specific needs of each industry via a simple configuration process.


In business for 12 years now, our durability proves that our vision was the right one : Today, cloud-based solutions and SaaS offers are the new standard in the software industry; in the same way, the use of mobile apps is widespread, especially among field workers.

For the upcoming years, we believe that new technologies will have a great deal to offer regarding field operations. There is still a lot to do in terms of innovations and Praxedo works hard for this!
Praxedo is made for all service organizations, from SMBs to large corporations with field workers managed by dispatchers. No need to fill out paper reports or re-enter data onto a PC any longer. Our solutions help increase productivity and responsiveness, save money and improve customer satisfaction.

Praxedo consists of 2 modules working together:

A mobile application for field workers:

- Multi-device, multi-OS
- Real time schedule update
- Map view of schedule
- Rich forms for service report creation (e-signature, photo, video, etc.)
- Monitoring of billable items (parts, professional services, etc.)
- Remote collaboration tools (chat, shared whiteboard, etc.)
- Self-scheduling of nearby jobs
- Off line mode

A Web scheduling application for dispatchers:

- Schedule optimization encompassing various factors (skills, distances, time slots, etc.)
- Map-assisted dispatching and routing
- GPS tracking and traffic report
- Planning of recurring work orders (maintenance, inspections, etc.)
- Time tracking
- Customizable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
- Contractor portal access

Praxedo provides flexible and advanced setup to adjust to any business process. Praxedo can be configured easily —  no software specific development or technical expertise are required:

  - Intuitive configuration via a simple Web interface
  - Full customization of rich forms for service reports creation
  - Full customization of work order processes
  - Compliance with company organization (multiples offices)
  - Web access profiles and user rights management 

Interfaced with Sage Live and Sage X3, Praxedo provides a 360° view of field activities.

Praxedo empowers field workers and helps them better anticipate and complete their jobs. It makes life easier for dispatchers and gives them tools to optimize and efficiently manage all aspects of their field service business.

Salesforce is required to use our Sage Live connector

Contact:  [email protected]
               France +33 (0)1 40 33 79 79
               North America Toll Free +1 833-PRAXEDO (+1 833-772-9336)



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