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The 100% SaaS/Cloud workforce management platform
Our solution is aimed at all companies, from SMEs to large corporations, with field workers who are managed by dispatchers. Gone are the days of completing paper forms and entering the data onto a PC. Our solutions offer increased productivity and responsiveness for your business.
A mobile application for your field workers :

  - Stay connected to your field workers at all times.
  - Multi-OS, multi-device Multi-OS, multi-device
  - Real-time schedule updates
  - Enriched forms, photos and videos
  - Follow-up of invoiced items (equipment, services...)
  - Remote collaboration, chatting, document sharing
  - Offline mode 

An intelligent Web Scheduling application that monitors activity in real time :

  - Scheduling based on skills and time constraints
  - Scheduling using maps
  - Global positioning and traffic info
  - Scheduling to teams of field workers
  - Scheduling of recurring work orders
  - Monitoring of time spent per work order
  - Integrated with Sage Live you will get a 360 degree view of your field activities. 

Flexible and advanced configurations to conform with your business processes :
Our customers can configure their Praxedo account themselves — no specific software development or technical expertise required :

  - Intuitive configuration via a simple Web interface
  - Customised reporting forms
  - Customised work orders phases (workflow)
  - Organisation of the account by agency
  - Web access profiles and user rights management 

Interfaced with Sage Live you will get a 360 degree view of your field service activities.

Praxedo empowers those in the field to better anticipate and act, and those in the back office to optimize and manage all aspects of your field service organization.

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