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Extending your Salesforce environment to harness the power of Sage Live
Edgeware is a Salesforce trailblazer that sells and implements surrounding technologies such as Sage Live and Commercient, a sync product, to deliver a 360 degree view of your business. We believe in extending the Salesforce enterprise to integrate the world class accounting functionality of Sage Live. We are a 50% American, 50% global company with consultants throughout North America, Europe and South Africa.

Our consultants are Salesforce Developer and Administrator certified, as well as Sage Live certified, and they are part of a team that strives for customer service and worldwide customer support. We believe in hiring people with a deep foundation in accounting expertise to best serve the needs of our customer base. We also offer a full Support Desk solution for case logging and resolution.

Edgeware is the best choice as an implementation partner to help you get started with Sage Live, implement effectively, and to continue to support you for ongoing success.

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