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Cloud-based shipping automation for FedEx, UPS & 45 more


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Deliverable is a cloud-based shipping app that enables shippers to automate their shipping operations.

 *  Shipment Booking Automatically import orders from Sage Live, select the most appropriate shipping carrier and option and book the shipment. Once the shipment is booked you can automatically print the label to your thermal printer.

 *  Shipping Automation The entire process can be completely automated for instance if you use Uber for same day deliveries in New York, UPS Ground for Domestic and FedEx Priority Overnight for Europe packages over 5 Lbs, that’s fine!

 *  Tracking updates and refreshed every hours, which means you can automatically send branded tracking emails to your customers. They are also uploaded back up to Sage Live meaning your sales and support reps never have to leave Sage Live.

 *  Use your existing shipping accounts Add your existing shipping accounts to load your negotiated rates with your carriers. You get billed normally by your carrier.

The Sage integration requires our STANDARD tier which is $49/month.

For a full list of supported carriers please visit:

A Sage Live account, a browser and an internet connection

Sign up to a free trial from
We provide chat-based assistance with setup.


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