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Seamlessly Integrated ERP - CRM data for real-time intelligence

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Greytrix is a leading global solution provider of Sage worldwide delivering integration, migration and development solutions for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.  


Greytrix team consists of experienced techno functional engineers and consultants having worked with 500+ unique VAR’s and Customers on more than 20+ different ERP and CRM product lines in 50+ different countries. Our IP division has an experience of 50+ add-ons, migration and integration solutions. We have been consistently lauded for our work over a decade and half and executed 1000+ man years’ worth of customization, consulting and modifications in the SME business application segment.
GUMU™ is a data exchange and integration framework built by Greytrix that facilitates realtime and rapid data synchronization by  building connectors between two or more ERP, CRM or business applications.

The framework connects Sage applications to any on premise or cloud business applications either utlilizing its built-in APIs and SDK’s and/or by developing new plugins to establish a link between multiple applications. This provides the ability to create various data migration or integration solutions, where data is analysed and transferred between systems either in a one way or bi-directional movement. GUMU™ Integration is an award winning solution in the market since 2002 with hundreds of successful customers integrating ERP's like Enterprise Management with world leading CRM.
GUMU™ Integration is a flagship product which delivers seamless, real-time, bi-directional integration that plays a pivotal role in bridging and unlocking the potential of front office and back office data to make smarter and faster business decisions.
Features of GUMU™ Integration:
  • Real-time Bi-directional* Integration
  • Easy to install & configure
  • Easy Access to Data from Portable Devices
  • Authorization Control and Security Matrix
  • Seamless Mapping of Customer Details 
  • Salesperson Mapping
  • Multi-Company Integration
  •  Comprehensive view of Invoices and Orders
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Secure Order Promotion
  • Superior Order Fullfillment Visibility
  • Streamlined Customer Response System
  • Integrated Quote to Cash cycle
Benefits of GUMU™ Integration:
  • 360° view of Customers Financial & decision making Information
  • Faster Access to Crucial Financial Data
  • Increased productivity with lesser data redundancy
  • Real-Time Insights with Business Intelligence
  • Mobility in Business

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management systems should be up & running along with GUMU™ pre-requisites


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