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MaxProtect Checks by Sage Checks and Forms

All Sage checks feature preventive measures against check fraud, but our line of MaxProtect Checks takes security to a new level. MaxProtect Checks include 29 security features from visible and invisible fluorescent fibers to holograms and watermarks. Explore all features of our MaxProtect Checks with the interactive guide below.

Order our highest security checks to help protect your business from fraud and the only checks guaranteed by Sage to be 100% compatible with your software.

To order MaxProtect Checks, please visit www.SageChecks.com and select your software to ensure compatibility or call 800-538-5514 to speak with a Security Specialist today.

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Security Feature Benefit Sage MaxProtect Checks Typical Standard Computer Checks
Extensive List of Security Features (Warning Box) Helps Holder Judge Authenticity
Ultraviolet Dull Paper Allows Comparison vs. Traditional Copy Paper yes
Padlock Icon Ensures Industry Guidelines are Met yes
Microprint on Back Allows Authentication by Magnification yes yes
Colored Background White Background Indicates Alteration yes yes
"Original Document" Backer (Security Screen) "Original Document" will Distort when Scanned yes yes
True Watermark Image Will Not Scan or Copy yes
Check Paper Stock Guarded 24/7 Limits Duplication Opportunities yes
Thermochromatic Heat Sensitive Icon Ink Disappears When Warmed yes
Prismatic Multicolored Background Subtle Color Changes Makes Copying Difficult yes
Invisible Fluorescent Fibers Black (UV) Light Reveals Fibers yes
Visible Fluorescent Fibers Random Fibers Complicates Copying yes
Microprint on Signature Line Allows Authentication by Magnification yes
Microprint in Border Allows Authentication by Magnification yes
Chemical Sensitive Ink or Security Ink (Fugitive Ink) Makes Signs of Chemical Tampering Visible yes
"VOID" Indication Voids Checks When Photocopied yes
Patented Designed Backer
(Security Weave)
Deters Counterfeiting/Reproduction yes
Toner Adhesion Coating on Check Damages Paper When Ink Removed yes
Chemically Reactive Paper Makes Signs of Chemical Tampering Visible yes
High-Resolution Intricate Border Distorts When Copied yes
Highlight of Security Features on Check (Warning Band) Helps Holder Judge Authenticity yes
Hologram Increases Duplication Difficulty yes

Check Options

MaxProtect Checks come in Multi-Purpose, Accounts Payable, and Payroll formats, and you can choose from three color options: Hologram Blue, Hologram Maroon, and Hologram Green.

Item 250 500 1,000 2,000
High-Security (MaxProtect) Checks
One Part




Double-Window Envelopes





Prices effective 4/12. Prices, colors, and quantities subject to change without notice.

Secure Storage Box

Get organized and keep your checks secure with our Premium Secure Storage Case. This durable, faux leather, lockable case secures over 500 laser checks or other documents. The lined interior helps protect your valuable documents, while the lock helps provide protection from fraudulent activities.

Inside: 9 1/8" x 11 5/8" x 3"
Overall: 10" x 12 1/2" x 3 5/8"
Price: $29.95

Or call 800-617-3224

Starter Bundle

The fastest way to get up and going with your Sage software as well as a quick and easy way to present a professional image.

  • 100 Multi-Purpose MaxProtect Checks.
  • 100 Self-Sealing Double Window Envelopes.*
  • 50 Laser Deposit Tickets (Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition only) or one Manual Deposit Book.
  • Endorsement Stamp.

*Customers using Sage DacEasy may require single-window envelopes.

Call 800-617-3224 to place your order for the Starter Bundle.


MaxProtect Check Bundle

Protect your business to the fullest with one bundle that includes all our security products for one low price.

Multi-Purpose MaxProtect Check
29 security features manufactured into the paper stock to deter check fraud through photocopying, chemical washing, and imprint lifting.

$139.95 for 250 checks

Secure Storage Box
A premium, lockable case secures over 500 laser checks or other important documents.


Security-Lined, Self-Seal Envelopes
A security pattern on the inside makes it difficult to view contents of these envelopes. Flap requires no moistening to seal.

$69.95 for 250 double-window, self-seal envelopes.

Security Pens
Vibrant gel ink dries quickly to prevent smudging and blurring, the rubber grip provides comfort and control, and the retractable tip preserves the ink.

$8.95 per pack of 3 pens
Item #SPEN3

Secure Stamper
Special black ink obscures private information so it cannot be easily read, scanned, or copied.

$17.95 each

Counterfeit Pens
Mark U.S. currency bills with this pen to help determine legitimacy. A clear or amber mark passes the test, but if a dark brown or black mark appears then the bill is suspect.

$8.95 per pack of 3 pens
Item #CPEN

bundle Price
Purchased separately, the above products would cost $272.70.
Buy the bundle and save over $35.

Call 800-617-3224 to order the MaxProtect Check Bundle.


Question: Do my standard checks include any security features?

Answer: Yes, all Sage checks have built-in security features. However, as check fraud has become more prevalent, Sage Checks and Forms decided to take a proactive approach to help customers prevent it. The MaxProtect Check has nearly tripled the number of security features of our standard check to aid in deterring criminals from trying to wash, lift, and alter sensitive information from checks and assist payees to recognize and not accept fraudulent checks.

The MaxProtect Check has a special foil hologram, a thermochromatic heat sensitive icon, visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, and a prismatic multicolored background built into the paper. In addition, the MaxProtect Check paper stock is an exclusive and controlled paper that is produced solely in secure, U.S. Treasury-approved facilities.

Question: Are MaxProtect Checks compatible with my software?

Answer: Yes, all checks sold by Sage Checks and Forms are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your Sage solution, including the MaxProtect Checks. No formatting needed. No forms wasted on misprints. Just enter your data and print!

Question: What is the price difference between the standard checks I have and the MaxProtect Checks?

Answer: The MaxProtect Checks do cost more compared to the standard checks because of the numerous security enhancements manufactured in the check paper stock. In the end, it is a prudent investment. Among organizations that suffered a financial loss due to payments fraud in 2010, the average loss was $18,400.* With that in mind, Sage Checks and Forms is taking check fraud seriously, and with the MaxProtect Checks you receive triple the features of the standard check for pennies more per check. Plus, you will have one of the safest checks on the market.

The chart below shows the unit cost difference between standard and MaxProtect Checks (list prices without discounts shown).

FAQ price chart

Question: What colors are available in the MaxProtect Checks?

Answer: Currently, there are three colors to choose from: Hologram Blue, Hologram Green, and Hologram Maroon. Remember, the MaxProtect Checks feature a prismatic multi-colored background with subtle gradations, so even though you order Blue, Green, or Maroon, you will see a color transition—yet another security feature.

Question: What are the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) regulations regarding who is responsible for check fraud if it occurs on my business account?

Answer: The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) regulations place the burden of check fraud on the party that was most negligent in preventing it. Banks may hold business customers accountable if a bank finds customers did not protect themselves from check fraud to the fullest. MaxProtect Checks certainly help remove the liability off the issuer of the check.

Question: Is it true tape can lift sensitive information from checks?

Answer: Customer testimonials have taught us thieves will intercept checks in the mail to lift the payee information and fraudulently alter and endorse checks. For check paper stock that does not have toner adhesion, it is known that using a piece of tape can lift the toner for the payee information from the check, when a laser printer is used to write the check. At that point, a thief can apply any name and cash it. Rest assured, MaxProtect Checks have toner adhesion, allowing the toner to seep into the fabric of the check, making the toner nearly impossible to remove without visible damage to the paper.

Question: How do I order MaxProtect Checks?

Answer: Call 800-617-3224, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. ET (Monday through Friday), to place your order with a Sage check specialist. Order online by visiting www.SageChecks.com and selecting your software solution.

*2011 AFP Payment Fraud and Control Survey Report of Survey Results, Association for Financial Professionals underwritten by J.P.Morgan, March 2011, pg.2.

Additional Protection With Every Order

Plus, every check order from Sage Checks and Forms includes FraudArmorTM a comprehensive fraud solution that helps protect consumers and business owners against fraudulent activity, related to your checks and accounts.

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