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  • What version of Sage 50 Accounting must I have in order to process credit cards within Sage 50 via the optional integration?

    You must be running Sage 50 Accounting 2010 or later as older versions do not comply with PCI DSS regulations. Learn more about PCI compliance .

  • How do I process a credit card with the card present?

    Depending on your equipment set-up you can swipe the credit card using a countertop payment terminal. You may also plug-in an optional card reader to your laptop and the transaction will process via the integrated option within Sage 50 while seamlessly reconciling receipts.

  • How do I process a credit card without the card present?

    Select the existing Sales Invoice to be paid within Sage 50 Accounting, or create a new Sales Invoice. Enter the customer's information, transaction information, transaction amount, and click “Process Credit Card”. Transactions will process while seamlessly reconciling receipts within Sage 50 Accounting. You can also authorize your customers' credit card payments in seconds via the Sage Virtual Terminal.

  • Do I need to purchase any additional hardware?

    It's up to you. Our integrated card swipe option requires a device (card reader) to process transactions. To find out what card reader models are compatible, please call Sage Payment Solutions at 877.470.4001.

  • If I already have a swipe terminal, can I still use it if I switch to Sage Payment Solutions?

    No, when switching to Sage Payment Solutions, you will receive a new swipe terminal to replace your existing terminal.

  • Once I apply for an online merchant account, how long will it take for me to get set up?

    Merchant approval can take up to 7 - 10 business days. Upon approval you will be emailed your ID and Password.

  • Do I have to change bank accounts in order to use this service?

    No. You can continue to use your existing bank account choosing that to have funds collected from credit card payments automatically deposited.

  • I heard that Sage announced a strategic partnership with Moneris. What are the partnership details?

    During Sage Summit 2014 Sage and Moneris announced a partnership to provide payment services to Canadian businesses. Initially Sage and Moneris will deliver an integrated payment solution that seamlessly connects Sage accounting and ERP applications such as Sage 50 Accounting-Canadian Edition to payment technology from Moneris. Throughout 2015 additional features of the Sage and Moneris integrated payment solution will be delivered including integration with Sage Exchange payment management system.

  • Can you tell me more about Moneris?

    Moneris is the largest payment processor in Canada, securely processing more than 3 billion credit and debit transactions annually across 350,000 locations. Transaction processing is Moneris' core business. With a history of innovation including leadership in EMV, (Europay MasterCard and Visa) deployment and mobile payment solutions, combined with strong customer service, we are excited to bring this partnership to our customers.

  • I am an existing Canadian Sage Payments customer. How does this impact me?

    Current Sage Payment customers will not be impacted. Both Chase Paymentech and Sage will continue to support you with no change in your service.

  • Where can I learn more?

    More information is available from your Sage salesperson or if you work with a member of the Sage Accountant Network. You can also call 1-888-208-9483 and speak with a Sage sales representative.