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See just how good payment processing

can be when you connect Sage 50 Accounting

and Sage Payment Solutions.

What's the first thing you'll notice when you use Sage Payment Solutions
with Sage 50 Accounting?

The amount of

time you save

when payments automatically

post to Sage 50.

No more
manually entering
payment data

No Data

No more
errors caused by
manually entering
payment data

No Errors

love payment

If you don't offer the payment
method they prefer, what sales
might you be missing?

With Sage Payment Solutions, receive payments from customers

in more ways, in more places.

Wherever you are,
you can accept

Through your
terminal at the
point of sale...

Over the phone...

On your computer...

Receiving more
payments can
boost your
bottom line.

And so can
spending less on
processing fees.

Sage Payment Solutions offers

low swipe rates

as low as 1.75%*

Curious to know how much you can save?

Simply adjust the values in the boxes on the left to estimate how much money you can save each month by choosing Sage Payment Solutions.

Your swipe rate

How low can it go?


Your current swipe rate
cost per month

Your potential savings**
On swipe rate costs per month with sage payment solutions

*Stated rate applies to qualified, swiped VISA/MasterCard/Discover transactions. American Express rates may vary. Key-entered transactions and most rewards, corporate, or other specialty cards are not considered "qualified" transactions.
**Savings estimate applies only to those merchants that qualify for the advertised rate. The rate applies only to the qualified retail card present transaction and does not include fees or assessments. This rate and others subject to change without notice.

How easy is the
Sage Payment Solutions
approval process?

Easier and
quicker than you
might think!

Virtually all Sage 50 customers who
apply for Sage Payment Solutions
are approved.

Approval process begins

within one business day of contacting us.

You may be wondering:
What's it going to take?

  • Submit your completed merchant application.

    Our Sage Payment Solutions representative will provide you with a merchant application to gather the data needed for your approval.

  • Allow underwriting to review your merchant application.

    Our underwriting team begins the approval process within one business day.

  • Receive your approval and welcome kit.

    Again, virtually all Sage 50 customers who apply are approved, so keep an eye out for an email with your new merchant identification number and welcome kit.

  • Connect Sage Payment Solutions.

    First, contact your previous credit card processor to say you're changing providers—Sage cannot do this for you.

    Second, update your ID number where applicable. What do we mean by that? Your welcome kit will provide detailed instructions.

Start processing payments with Sage.

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