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Why credit cards?

  • Why accept credit cards?

    • Make bigger sales—Credit card sales tend to be higher than cash sales
    • Improve cash flow—Receive payment immediately and avoid bad or late cheques
    • Enhance customer experience—Offer your customers an additional payment option that is secure and convenient
    • Save time—Speed up the point-of-sale process
  • What can Sage Payment Solutions do for you?

    • Integration—Accept credit and debit payments directly within Sage 50 Accounting—Canadian Edition and improve business efficiency
    • Automated billing—Schedule recurring customer billing and automatically email receipts upon approval
    • Flexible payment methods—Choose from point-of-sale/swipe terminals, Virtual Terminal, integration to your shopping cart, and within Sage 50payment to support your business needs
    • Eliminate double entry—Capture and store transactional data, such as authorization codes, dates, and amounts, within your Sage 50 software at the time of sale
    • Reduce costs—Take advantage of competitive rates for Sage 50 customers
    • Improve accuracy and efficiency—Automatically reconcile sales orders and accounts receivable functions with credit card authorization and settlement
    • Keep your existing bank account—Avoid the hassle of setting up a new account
    • Ensure compliance—Certify compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
    • Prevent fraud—Safeguard security with maximum features including AVS and CVV
    • Accept credit cards four ways—In-person at retail, by mail, telephone, and online
    • Customize online reporting—Access the information you want when you want it, including historical data
  • How Do Your Customers Pay?

    Think of all of the ways your company processes payments. Many businesses allow patrons to hand over bills and coins, which are fairly easy to account for in stores. A lot of companies also allow individuals to write personal checks, but those can be slightly harder and more time-consuming to process using accounting software, as the money has to be drawn from bank accounts.
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  • Electronic Payments Have Transformed Canada's Economy

    Fact: Electronic payments have contributed $196 billion to the Canadian economic growth in the last 25 years.
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  • Most Canadians Have Credit Cards

    Fact: 85% of Canadian households have at least one major credit card.
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