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Women in business share how they’ve overcome growth challenges - Infographic

Our online salary tax calculator has been updated to incorporate the changes announced in 2017/2018 Budget Speech.

With the world’s attention firmly on the experience of women in every domain, this year’s International Women’s Day feels different. The winds of change are here, and the world is listening. So what impact will these campaigns - from #metoo to #timesup and #pressforprogress - have on women in business?

For starters, we should be telling our stories of success or otherwise. Author Lu Li talks to more than 60 female founders in her book Dear Female Founder - that’s 66 letters of advice from women entrepreneurs who have made $1 billion in revenue.

“Most of the media talks about very traditional entrepreneurs,” says Lu. “It’s Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, all the same people: white, male and tecchy. I just felt that we live in a society where there are more and more women becoming self-employed and building businesses, but there are no role models. No authentic stories to aspire to. I wanted to change that.

“All of these women have done something courageous. They just went out and did something, and these women can inspire others to overcome the confidence gap. It’s the boldness of creation that inspires me the most - people who are not defined by whatever society tells them to be. You can evolve yourself, and create new opportunities for yourself.”

This International Women’s Day, we sought sage advice from women business builders around the world - so many inspiring stories that we couldn’t fit them all on this infographic. We hope their wisdom helps you overcome challenges to grow with purpose. And if you have your own advice to share with your fellow female entrepreneurs, let us know on social media using #sageadvice.

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