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Loneliness effects 39% of freelancers. Here’s some ideas on how to help combat it [infographic]

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There’s never been a better time for individuals to become freelancers and offer their services directly to clients and customers. Technological advancements have seen the industry explode over the past few years, with many realising the freelance dream and working with a work-life balance previously unthinkable.

However, as the honeymoon period fades, many freelancer start to face a previously unforeseen battle with loneliness, particular impacting the younger generation. Of those freelancing, 39% have reported experiencing loneliness, but that number rises to 54% of the 24-34 year old age group.

Loneliness can have many unexpected and unforeseen impacts on our health, both mental and physical. In fact, effects can range from depression and anxiety to increase blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease.

Despite a near majority experiencing loneliness, 93% of freelancers still love being their own boss. The freelance dream will therefore continue to rise, but what can freelancers do to combat loneliness?

Our infographic explores alternative work spaces and ideas that freelancers can adopt to overcome any existing or potentially pending feelings on loneliness. These include visiting a coffice from time to time (i.e. working from a coffee shop), using a clients office, becoming a pet owner (ranges from cat to dog to possum…) and renting a coworking space.

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