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Telesure simplifies financial reporting across diverse operating companies with Sage X3

24 March 2017

Telesure Investment Holdings has implemented the Sage X3 business management solution to improve financial reporting and streamline business processes across the diverse operating companies that comprise the group. The project equips the group with an integrated and modern business solution spanning all its operating entities.

Telesure owns and operates several of South Africa’s leading insurance brands as well as service entity’s. It stands out with its multiple-channel, multiple-brand approach, offering direct sales, broker sales, aggregator sales and affinity partnerships through brands such as Auto & General, Dial Direct, First for Women, Budget Insurance and

The group in 2014 realised that it was starting to outgrow its current solution and began searching for an enterprise-class package. In particular, it wanted to find a solution that would cater for the nuances of the different businesses in its portfolio and that would simplify financial reporting and consolidation. The solution also needed to have strong functionality for managing fixed assets.

Working closely with SynergERP - a Sage business partner and a business applications partner to Telesure for many years—Telesure identified Sage X3 as the ideal solution. The group chose Sage X3 because it is intuitive for end-users, scalable enough to support the needs of a fast-growing business, and able to support collaboration across divisions and countries with multiple sites.

Says Ryan Ramakers, Financial Manager at Telesure: “As a diverse group, we need to be able to consolidate financial reporting across various diverse companies, yet we also need specialised reporting for functions such as underwriting. Sage X3 gives us the efficiency of an integrated system for our entire business, but it also supports the specific needs of our different companies.”

The solution helps Telesure’s centralised finance department produce reports faster, giving management access to more effective and timely data for decision making. In the second phase of the Sage X3 rollout, Telesure will focus on simplifying and speeding up consolidation reports.

Ashley Regenass, CEO at SynergERP, says that the success of this project was rooted in a close partnership between Telesure’s business users and Synergy as the consulting and implementation service provider. The Sage X3 implementation commenced in 2014 and was concluded at the last three companies last year.

“We were able to deploy Sage X3 relatively quickly because we scoped the project thoroughly and had a deep understanding of Telesure’s business after working together for more than a decade,” he adds.  “This project has given Telesure the flexible solution it needs to support its growth well into the future.”

Keith Fenner, Vice-President Sage Enterprise Africa and Middle East says: Sage X3 allows our clients to analyse their critical data in a concise and logical way – giving decision makers a snapshot view of their business, anywhere and anytime