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Stay on the right side of the taxman with the latest release from Sage Pastel

Stay on the right side of the taxman with the latest release from Sage Pastel

01 February 2015

Sage Pastel has released Version 12 of its Partner and Xpress accounting software. It comes with some exciting program enhancements that will ensure users are always up to date with SARS’ requirements.

Version 12 heralds a significant new method of delivery: this is the last version to be released on disk. In future, all new versions, patches, updates and enhancements will be deployed automatically via the internet directly to user’s desktops through an innovative new feature called Automatic Updates.

Automatic access to the latest enhancements ensures SARS compliance
This technology automatically updates the software via the internet so Sage Pastel customers are always on the latest software version and have immediate desktop access to features and enhancements as they are released. The benefits of this are far-reaching but the most pertinent is the fact that users will now have immediate access to a program that is completely up to date with SARS requirements without having to load a disk or download a patch.

Also with SARS in mind, Sage Pastel has added a new Tax Manager to Version 12 which will help customers ensure that they report correctly as SARS continues to upgrade its systems. Tax Manager gives users the ability to set up VAT reporting periods, process transactions as usual and, at the end of each VAT period, print VAT reports and close the period. Backdated transactions will automatically form part of the next VAT period.

SARS compliance is crucial to business survival – it’s not just the reputational impact of infringing on legislation that can ruin a business, the financial penalties could shut it down.  But now with Sage Pastel Version 12, being aligned to SARS requirements is just a click away.

It’s as safe as houses 
Users who still have concerns about the security of working through the internet can rest assured. The delivery method in Version 12 is just that - a one-way transaction. It’s completely secure and once the update is part of the user’s system, it’s as secure as its host environment.

Other notable features
There are new features and functionality in Sage Pastel Point of Sale, the optional add-on module to Sage Pastel Accounting Version 12, and a host of great new functions in Sage Pastel Debtors Manager module (which comes with Sage Pastel Partner), including a brand new Debtors Dashboard.  This tracks collection activity and provides instant visibility to debtor’s status and collection activity. The dashboard is designed for instant one-click e-mailing to designated members of the management team.

Coming soon to a computer near you
Sage Pastel has a roadmap of features planned for release using the Automatic Update technology. Users of Partner or Xpress Version 12 can expect the first of many updates during the first quarter of 2013 and the commitment is to deliver batches of features on an on going basis.

So if you haven’t already, update your Sage Pastel accounting software to Version 12 and look forward to receiving regular updates automatically installed without any interruption to your daily activities.