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Celebrating Africa’s progress and potential for exponential growth on Africa Day

21 May 2019

Africa Day (25 May) is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Africa’s progress and growth. It is also a day to reflect on the ways each person and country on the continent can work together to drive social and economic development.

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Strong recurring revenue growth reflects successful strategic execution

17 May 2019

After strong performance in H119, due to early success with the implementation of our strategy and noting a somewhat softer recurring revenue comparator in H118, we expect FY19 organic recurring revenue growth to be at the top end or slightly exceed the guided range of between 8-9% and expect SSRS and processing revenue to be at the lower end or below the guided range of flat to mid-single digit decline.

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Memo to the new South African cabinet from small business owners and entrepreneurs – let us play our part in growing the nation

13 May 2019

To South Africa’s newly re-elected president, his incoming cabinet and government officials.

Congratulations to the people and parties who are about to take office in national and provincial government.

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Sage research reveals that 90% of accountants worldwide believe there has been a cultural shift in the accountancy profession

02 May 2019

Of the 3,000 accountants surveyed worldwide in 2019, 90% believe there has been a cultural shift in accountancy as it enters the next decade. This shift is driving significant changes in hiring practices, business services and attitudes toward emerging technologies across the globe.

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Elections 2019: Cast your vote for small business

30 April 2019

The 2019 general elections are only a few days away, which presents South Africa’s entrepreneurs and small business owners with an opportunity on 8 May to carefully select which political party or individual they believe has the best interests of local Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) at heart.

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The informal sector: an untapped and misunderstood opportunity for accountants

18 April 2019

Speaking in the latest episode of the Sage #NextGenAccounting podcast, Njoli, explains how leaving the security of a corporate accounting firm quickly taught him that he needed to upskill himself, and add value in a competitive market if he wanted to be a successful, self-employed accountant.

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Sage Foundation’s AI-powered smart companion, rAInbow, recognised by UN

17 April 2019

Founding partner Sage Foundation worked with AI for Good and the Soul City Institute for Social Justice to develop rAInbow. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart companion supporting victims of domestic violence in South Africa.

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Why technology is standing in the way of digital transformation

16 April 2019

There’s a common misperception that digital transformation means adopting new technology and jumping on buzzword bandwagons like AI, blockchain, and machine learning. But this is exactly why so many businesses get it wrong.

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Four common payroll pitfalls to avoid

12 April 2019

Payroll management sounds simple, but it is surprisingly easy for a growing business to make payroll mistakes if it does not have robust processes and systems in place. In some cases, an error can have serious consequences for a business, ranging from damaging employee morale, to fraud losses, and tax penalties for late or incorrect tax payments and submissions.

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