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Messy tracking of customer relationships can harm a growing business

12 June 2017

How to know when it is time for your business to invest in CRM.
As a startup, you may have had a ‘little black book’ where you noted the names of your most important customers and their key details, like what sort of products / services they usually buy from you and the last interaction you had with them. As your business began to grow, you may have started to capture you client’s contact details and other account information on spreadsheets to track them.

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The CIO’s new job: no glitch business

02 June 2017

The previous wave of digital disruption, triggered by mobile technology, caught most CIOs and organisations off guard.

10 years ago, hardly anyone owned a smartphone. Today, there are around 2 billion in circulation. What’s more, we use them every day to access Uber, WhatsApp, Instagram and many other services that didn’t exist when the first iPhone was released in 2007.

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The 8 secrets to growing a successful family business

26 May 2017

Family-owned businesses play a vital role in South Africa’s economy, with some of our most iconic brands like Pick ‘n Pay and De Beers starting out as family businesses. This is often how ordinary people start to create wealth, while meeting the needs of their communities – where successful ones become legacies passed down through generations.

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Integration of Sage into PropWorx makes managing property a breeze

24 May 2017

PropWorx, has integrated its one-stop property management software with the Sage Pay digital payments platform, making it simpler for its customers to move money in their businesses.

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Robots will be our partners rather than our overlords

24 May 2017

This week (25 May) at BotCon in Cape Town, South African developers and enterprises will showcase some of the ways they’re putting the newest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to work. Some of the latest developments are a little scary, especially for those who have grown up with rogue AIs and robots in science-fiction or have read the headlines about how we’ll lose millions of jobs worldwide to automation by 2020.

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Want your small business to get paid faster?

23 May 2017

As a small business owner, are you constantly feeling that you need to follow-up on payments overdue and when it comes to month-end you are a stress-ball?

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Is your small business implementing a CSI programme? Here are 5 tips to consider

16 May 2017

For many business builders, corporate social investment or philanthropy is an imperative.
There are many good reasons for businesses to roll out a formal corporate social investment programme, from complying with black economic empowerment (BEE) codes to building employee morale and to simply giving something back to the community. However, the challenge is to ensure that the funds and time you invest in charity deliver the impact you are expecting.

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How CIOs can manage the expectations of the connected customer

10 May 2017

As presented at the IDC CIO Summit held in Johannesburg to talk about how the next wave of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies promises to unleash innovation and productivity in the enterprise by delivering better employee and customer experiences through the CIO.

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Small business should be a bigger priority at summits like WEF Africa

05 May 2017

Small & Medium Businesses should be a bigger priority as political, business and other leaders of society from across Africa gather at events such the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Durban this week to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

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