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The following 3rd party (independent) developers are authorised by Sage Pastel to use the Sage Pastel Software Developers Kit (SDK) and have developed software that integrates with Sage Pastel products. Sage Pastel has not inspected these products and does not imply that any products mentioned hereunder have been tested by Sage Pastel. Sage Pastel does not claim any responsibility for these products nor does it support or sell any of the products and/or services listed below. Only the developers listed hereunder are permitted to display the "Sage Pastel Authorised 3rd Party Developer" logo.
Chase Software cc
Contact Person: Jamie Peers
Telephone: + 27 11 258 4264
Mobile: +27 82 567 3087
E-mail: [email protected]
Products: Chase aims to manage the job bag (project) process and work flow within an advertising agency. It is a “pre-accounting” package and integrates all billing and costing details.
CO3 Technologies
Contact Person: Marius Engelbrecht
Telephone: 0861 CO3 TEC (263 832)
Mobile: +27 (0)83 538 0017
E-mail: [email protected]

BPO: Business Process optimiser.

BPO/Sage Evolution combine to create the leading ERP system for the rental, maintenance and service industry in South Africa.

The key features of the software are as follows:
Asset management:

  • Cradle to grave life cycle asset management
  • Fixed asset register with depreciation
  • View history of all transactions and events for the asset, including repairs, maintenance, stock used.

Maintenance management:

  • Define a planned maintenance schedule based on meter, calendar or condition criteria.
  • Auto generate planned maintenance work orders.
  • Apply maintenance strategy to asset or maintainable entity, with next performance dates.
  • Create reactive maintenance work orders.

Contract management:

  • Create customer contracts on the system.
  • Specify and manage contract entitlements based on services rendered.
  • Manage profitability of contracts.

Call centre management:

  • Log all service calls.
  • Track all service level agreements, ensuring conformity with performance benchmarks.
  • Ensure that all contractual obligation and entitlements are met.

In field service management solution:

  • Runs on any Android operating system.
  • Assign calls to techs.
  • Once accepted, tracks travel to customer site.
  • View location on Google (TM) Maps.
  • Customer sign-off and proof of delivery on device.

Meter based billing and annuity billing:

  • Define billing basis per machine or contract.
  • Auto create all invoices for each machine or contract.
  • Can read readings from 3rd party software.
  • Auto print / email invoices to each customer.
Cquential Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Contact Person: Phillip Kruger
Telephone: +27 11  235 5600
Mobile: +27 83 279 0234
E-mail: [email protected]

CQuential provides a comprehensive and sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) as a logistics solution to the broader business community on an affordable rental basis. With CQuential you get a total warehouse management solution.

The CQuential “Software as a Service” offering now makes it possible to have stock control and visibility by deploying a sophisticated WMS across an entire companyThis enables companies to extend control and visibility into the inbound and outbound portions of their supply chain, without the overhead of massive server environments and complex wide area networks.


  • No capital outlay.  Self-funding at an operating cost level.
  • Logistics managers no longer have to compete against other improvement & expansion requirements for funding
  • Full warehouse management solution  - Affordable to companies of ALL sizes for the first time ever
  • Simple installation (access via web browser)
  • No expensive IT resources required – at last WMS becomes a logistics project rather than an IT project
  • Easy centralised deployment & support of software
  • Fast implementations
  • The solution is effectively self funding month-on-month through efficiencies that are achieved
  • Upgrades are a reality
  • No customisation - modules are selected and configured based on requirements
Contact Person: Earl Steyn
Telephone: +27 11 021 0016
Mobile: +27 82 857 5690
E-mail: [email protected]
Products: - Full Annual Financial Statements
- Web or desktop based
- Full integration into all Sage Products
- Audit, Review or Compilation with full working papers and checklists
- IFRS, IFRS-SME, GRAP, Sole Prop, CC, Trusts, etc
Elev8 Australia Pty Ltd
Contact Person: John Marshall / Greg Borman
Telephone: +61 8 9453 7400
Mobile: +61 (0)44 777 7520
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

General Ledger Consolidator


This new hot off the press tool allows you to map as many source Sage Evolution database entries into one single consolidated database. Mapping can be done from individual accounts to individual or multiple accounts to a single account.

Save your maps for subsequent use, modify them as needed.

With the ability to enter foreign currency exchange rates each database has a different currency of the consolidating company. Build an entirely new database from existing databases for you to generate standard Sage Evolution financial reports.

Job Control Centre

The Elev8 Job Control Centre has been developed upon windows technology making the interface easily recognisable, enabling intuitive navigation.

Built around the standard Sage Evolution suite the Elev8 Job Control Centre provides fast and efficient data processing and reporting.


  • Single or multiple jobs - with sub-job relationship
  • Purchase orders interacting with Inventory, direct purchase to jobs, committed costs
  • Labour timesheet entry
  • Multiple job cards - single customer invoicing
  • Close/reopen jobs
  • Batch inventory issue on jobs
  • Manufacture inventory items from job costs

Purchase Order Delivery Date Manager

Currently Sage Evolution only allows a single delivery date per purchase order (PO). This is often inconvenient when PO’s are partially delivered and more so when multiple deliveries are made from a single PO.

General Ledger Budget Tool

The EvoTools General Ledger Budget Tool makes it quicker and easier to maintain and update your GL Budgets. Create custom and as many unique budgets as you wish.

This will allow for spreadsheet types and entering of budget data.

Shipment Module (Imports)

The EvoTools Shipment Module for imports allows you to process add-on costs, transport fees, shipping and GST across single or multiple purchase orders.

The EvoTools Shipment Module allows you to allocate multiple purchase orders to each shipment, add additional shipment costs, and then re-calculate each item's average unit cost.

Makes processing easier for anyone importing goods in sea containers.

Invoice Import

If you produce invoices by an external application to that of Evolution this tool is the answer for automating the importing of data directly into Evolution’s invoice, sales order or purchase order files.

By selecting the elements of any of these documents by a simple checking of the relevant fields this tool will save hours of manual data entry. Saving of profiles and validating source files is a feature of this product.

Automatic Purchase Order

Edit purchase orders before they are generated!

The EvoTools Automatic Purchase Order allows on-screen editing of orders to be processed before they are generated.

The Auto Purchase Order processor interrogates sales order lines and adds these to Auto Generated Purchase Orders. It also takes into account existing purchase orders and suits back to back ordering.

The Automatic Purchase Order can also:

  • Compare against stock re-order or minimum levels
  • Filter by stock item and/or supplier
  • Allows you to view the generated PO's and change anything before you actually commit them to the system
  • View and compare sales orders

Invoice Processor

Sage Evolution does not allow an invoice to be printed without it being posted through to the accounting ledgers. There are ways around this, one of which is to copy the invoice layout through to the picking slip print stage, but this is restrictive in other ways. This program allows you to print as many copies of an invoice as you wish. Since the program emulates exactly the postings created in Sage Evolution, it will be as if the invoice was posted within Evolution.

Many customers have had this program modified to perform other processes and calculations at invoice posting time

Equator Business Intelligence
Contact Person: Jannie van Sandwyk
Mobile: +27 82 389 3338
E-mail: [email protected]

eQura for Sage Evolution


Analysis. Anywhere. Anytime.

An agile reporting and analysis solution with highly interactive dashboards, a user-friendly mobile and web interface and self-service analytics.

Business Intelligence Like Never Before

  • Users have access to important business information from anywhere at anytime.
  • A single point of view into diverse data that can be accessed via your mobile device or through your web browser.

Market Basket Analysis, insight into Inventory Sales and Inventory Ageing

  • Identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling to customers.
  • Establish discount and pricing structures as well as identify relationships between inventory items to ultimately increase sales.
  • Inventory ageing report that can be customised to suit your business needs.

Customer and Supplier Sales and Ageing Analysis

  • Gain better control over your debtors and creditors departments with an in-depth customer risk and outstanding balance analysis.
  • A powerful comparison of customer and supplier ageing trends as well as an extensive ageing analysis dashboard.
  • View regional performance with customer and supplier geospatial analysis.

Advanced Financial insight

  • Monitor key performance indicators and financial ratios.
  • Financial reports and performance trends.
  • In-depth analysis on return on equity.

eQura for Sage Evolution, as a standard, covers the core aspects of Sage Evolution, but not limited to General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Sales. Additional add-on development, based on customer specific needs can also be facilitated.

Contact Person: Mike Bosman
Telephone: +27 11 362 3014
Mobile: + 27 83 276 3030
E-mail: [email protected]

FenyaSoft is a software company specialising in the development of solutions that automate repetitive business processes which require integration into Sage Accounting. We provide a turnkey service that consists of Sage Pastel product sales, specialised training, advanced technical support (Sage Pastel data fixes and the like), software development, web design & development and web hosting.

We have 15 years’ experience integrating into Sage Pastel and have more than 60 years IT development experience.

Our applications (included but not limited to):

Barcode Scanner Integration

  • FenyaLogistics: Distribution and merchandising (Van Sales).
  • FenyaFT: Sage Pastel Stock Take Tool is fully integrated into Sage Partner and Sage Evolution (no text file imports).
  • FenyaMobile Sales: Rep-on-the-road sales using barcode scanners, mobile printers and/or laptops.
  • FenyaJobCards: Field service technician tool.
  • FenyaFA: Fixed Asset tracking.

Branch Integration

FenyaConnect provides all customer, supplier, inventory, point-of-sale and cashbook facilities to the remote branch. On installation FenyaConnect is synchronised with the head office Sage Pastel. The branch is then able to sell via FenyaPOS, view/change customer and supplier details, add/change inventory details and pricing and generally do most things that a local Sage Pastel user could do. Login permissions can limit what access users have. All transactions are sent to head office Sage Pastel via our communications module using ADSL and/or 3G. No user intervention is required as all communication is automated.


FenyaPOS is a specialist POS that provides features and functions that other POS systems are unable to cope with. Caters for SARS Category 7 VAT.

Netcash Debit Order Integration

FenyaConnect integrates Netcash debit orders into Sage Accounting.

Sage Pastel-on-the-WEB

FenyaWEBex is a Sage Pastel extractor that consolidates customer, inventory, stock and other information to a hosted WEB server. All data is available to management and other users via a WEB application. This data is then mined and exported into 3rd party systems such as Cognos.

Specialised Support

We are experts in data fixes and have recovered severely corrupt books.

General Development

FenyaSoft have the capability to integrate any business process into Sage Pastel.

We do the following:

  • PC based applications
  • Barcode Scanner applications
  • Embedded device applications
  • Complex web applications
  • Database applications
  • Web Hosting

Contact Person: Daniel Chilcott
Telephone: +27 11 731 0603
E-mail: [email protected]

Flowgear connects applications together without any software development or installation.

Our Sage Evolution Connector is part of a rich eco-system that enables us to deliver integration quickly and without the costs normally associated with traditional software development.

Leverage South Africa’s first Integration Cloud to manage your business integration requirements!

Sign up for our Pre-Built Sage Evolution integrations at  or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

inspHire Hire, Rental & Asset Management Software
Contact Person: Warwick Hopcroft
Telephone: +27 11 622 0112
Mobile: +27 83 460 3165
E-mail: [email protected]

For more than a decade, inspHire has led the way in creating cutting-edge hire, rental and asset management software. Whether you’re a large or small rental business, there is an inspHire version that will meet your business requirements. inspHire integrates directly with Sage Partner and Sage Evolution providing a fully integrated financial and operational system.

iSPartners (Pty) Ltd
Contact Person: Dave Ives
Telephone: +27 (0)11 463 8155
Mobile: +27 (0)82 779 5815
E-mail: [email protected]

Business Analytics for Sage Evolution – Sales, Inventory and Supply Chain Monitoring

  We have leveraged our deep industry expertise within Retail, Wholesale and Distribution environments and combined it with standard, industry specific KPIs and metrics for sales, inventory and supply chain management. Quick-start the analysis process with relevant measures for your business - delivered quickly and affordably. Enjoy quick time to value by understanding business performance against standard industry KPIs and pre-built metrics. The improved visibility as a result of user-friendly dashboards allows users to answer real business questions with the ability to justify corrective action. The QuickCubes have been pre-built for Sage Evolution to enhance its features beyond the traditional ERP space.

  Business Analytics for Sage Evolution – Financial Budgeting and Reporting
This solution relieves Finance from the mechanics of the reporting and budgeting process in order to spend more time on adding valuable insight for business units and stakeholders. Mitigate the risk of long implementation projects by deploying the proven solution prebuilt for Sage Evolution in a fraction of the time or cost required by traditional implementation methods. Allow financial managers and controllers to manage and maintain the group reporting structures and have a single reporting data source and structure. This forms the platform to allow for automated budgeting, forecasting, scenario analysis and dashboards. Excel based front end allows for quick learning and adoption of the solution.
Contact Person: Johan Grabe
Telephone: South Africa calls only: 0861 66 8835 - International calls: +27 44 695 4886
VOIP: 1 66 88 35
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 0944 373
Facsimile: +27 (0) 44 695 4300
E-mail: [email protected]
  • Vehicle hire product with sub-hire system for hire agents.
  • Self-storage management solution with gate access control.
  • Bookings system for B&B's, guesthouses, lodges, hotels and all other accommodation rentals, equipped with automated gate access control direct from arrivals and departures.
  • Online booking system for B&B's, hotels and lodges linked directly to Sage Pastel Partner.
  • Property rental management system for property management agents and property owners.
  • Golf estate rental pool property management system with gate access control.
  • Body corporate property management system with gate access control.
  • Contract management system for the office equipment hire and hygienic rental industry.
  • Restaurant POS system with touch screen integration.
  • Bar/pub POS system with touch screen integration.
  • Relationship management (RM) system. SMS outstanding customers with amounts due and payment due dates in seconds.
  • Access control linked directly to Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution customer master file. This system is used by various schools, colleges, Hotels, businesses and universities in South Africa.
  • Equipment hire system for plant hire, camera equipment hire and tool hire companies
Integration: All Novtel products integrate seamlessly with Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Pastel Xpress and Sage Evolution.
SAGE: Novtel is an endorsed SAGE Business Partner.
Novtel is an SAGE One-on-One Video training ATC (Authorised Training Centre)
Pinoak Business Solutions
Contact Person: Eddie Stoffberg
Telephone: + 27 84 557 4817
Mobile: +27 84 557 4817
E-mail: [email protected]

Stock Transit Tool (STS)

  • Handles Inter Store Transfer transactions in Excel type input Screen with Pending Received transfers and Variance
    Posting & Reports.
  • Notice on Agent Responsible in Transferee store of pending shipment.
  • Facility to create a template to re-load. Tool doubles as Sheet type Stock Journal.
Pilot Software
Contact Person: Glenn Miller
Telephone: 08610-74568 (PILOT)
E-mail: [email protected]
Products: Market Leading Hospitality Point of Sale for franchise and independent restaurants, coffee shops, bars, canteens, delis and clubs.
Proven Pastel Accounting Integration Integration Features

Stock Purchases – by item category, or consolidated per supplier invoice.
Expenses – by expense type, with corresponding supplier invoice references.
Stock Usage – per category, to produce a fully detailed income statement in any Sage Pastel version.
Sales – consolidated daily, with VAT control.
Sales – optional sales by department split.
Save Money

No faxing of multiple reports every day.
Save hours of bookkeeping time every month.
Never miss SARS deadlines, so no chance of penalties.
Easy to Setup

Map Pilot expense categories to Sage Pastel GL accounts – once-off.
Map Pilot supplier accounts to Sage Pastel suppliers – once-off
Compile an account file between any two stocktakes in Pilot PoS.
Automatically email the Accounts file to your bookkeeper or head-office.
Avoid Duplication

No need to recapture daily sales.
No need to manually calculate VAT.
No need to recapture stock purchases in Sage Pastel.
No need to recapture expense payments in Sage Pastel.
Eliminate Errors

No recapturing of data, so no chance of keystroke errors.
All transactions are verified against Sage Pastel GL accounts and supplier codes.
Transactions are available for review before posting into Sage Pastel.
Platypus Software (Pty) Ltd
Contact Person:

Phillip van Diem

Telephone: +61 7 3720 0700
Facsimile: +61 7 3720 0866
E-mail: [email protected]

Platypus Software have been developing with the Sage Pastel toolkit or over 4 years now and have extensive experience in packaged product development and providing support of these to our local and international dealers and customers. Some of our products are...

  1. EZeService
    • A powerful generic service billing and workshop module that integrates tightly with Sage Pastel.
    • This product is being continually enhanced with powerful features.
    • Check web-site for updates.
  2. RapidFire POS
    • Very easy to use POS solution which is rich in functionality.
    • As simple to use as a POS register yet packed with POS features.
    • Works with a whole range of different POS equipment. Integrates with Sage Pastel.
    • Multi-store and ability to enquire on stock held by another store are new features recently added.
    • This is a must to check out.
  3. Sage Pastel Export Utility
    • Ability to export data direct from the command line prompt without user-intervention.
RFIQ (Pty) Ltd
Contact Person : Conrad Taljaard
Landline : 012 661 0227
Email : [email protected]
Company : RFIQ (Pty) Ltd

RFIQ has integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with Sage Evolution. This now gives Sage Evolution the ability to use the Power of RFID to make the following processes easier.

The receipt of RFID enabled Inventory items

The transfer of RFID enabled Inventory items

The sale of RFID enabled Inventory Items

Description of RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag, called RFID tag or label, attached to an object, through a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking the objects. RFID can be used in many applications. A tag can be affixed to any object and used to track and manage inventory, assets, people, etc. It is not necessary to "show" the tag to the reader device, as with a bar code. In other words it does not require line of sight to "see" an RFID tag, the tag can be read inside a case, carton, box or other container, and unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be read hundreds at a time. Bar codes can only be read one at a time.

Trew Solutions
Contact Person: Lyndi van der Westhuizen
Telephone: +27 (0)11 764 5699
Mobile: +27 (0)83 659 7363
E-mail: [email protected]

Time & Billing for Sage Evolution

  • Offline capture of time sheets and disbursements.
  • Allocate different resources to different projects and tasks.
  • Multiple billing rates and flexible invoicing options.
  • Partial invoicing directly into Sage Evolution.
  • Access permissions to allow approvals, monitoring and escalations.

Document Import

  • Import all inventory documents from comma separated text files.
  • Applies normal Sage Evolution business rules and updates all relevant control accounts.
  • Sales orders, invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, goods received vouchers, suppliers invoices.
  • Full audit trail with any errors reported on import.

Inter Company Invoicing

  • Automate the capture of inter-company invoices, goods received vouchers and supplier invoices.
  • Allows for stock validation.
  • Full audit trail with double entry check.
  • Note: This module is only available directly from Trew Solutions and is not sold through resellers. Utility Module for Sage Evolution

Utility Module for Sage Evolution

  • Allow users to re-number master file records.
  • Update non financial information on documents, example rep codes, project codes, etc.
  • Turn Lot Tracking ON/OFF on existing inventory.
  • Enhanced Foreign Currency revaluation.
  • Allows for changes to account types & assets codes.

Cash Flow Analysis for Sage Evolution

  • View cash flow online direct from Sage Evolution.
  • Forecast cash in from all Sales Orders and Invoices using delivery dates and customer payment terms.
  • Forecast payments from GRNs and supplier invoices using payment terms.
  • Forecast fixed monthly expenses and income.
  • Identify problem weeks in advance.
  • Ability to identify payments to be released and print report for payments clerk.

Enhanced Annuity Billing

  • Provides escalations on annuity contracts.
  • Smooth annual income monthly by automating the re-allocation of pre-paid income.
  • User friendly interface for creating and configuring annuity billing contracts.
  • Tracks metered usage of any equipment.
  • Contract renewal warnings.


  • Comprehensive management system for Transporters.
  • Provide income statement per vehicle, driver & customer.
  • Full integration and automated invoicing into Sage Accounting & Sage Evolution.
  • Allow for fuel supplier reconciliation.
  • Toll gates reconciliations.
  • Pre trip planning & post trip logs.
Unisource Software Services cc
Contact Person: Paul Gama
Telephone: +27 (0)11 450 4595
Mobile: +27 (0)82 610 0539
E-mail: [email protected]


  • Warehouse Transfers
  • PO Goods Receiving
  • Sales Order Despatching
  • Stock take in action
  • Job Costing

Business 2 Business Gateway &  EDI

  • Exchange data to / from third-party systems
  • More than just a data import / export ; caters for EDI formats 
  • Purchase Orders
  • Job Cards
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Stock Master

JobShop –Workshop Floor Control

  • Create Job Cards / Purchases from our Custom-developed workshop-floor & manufacturing management solution
  • Manage Engineering Jobs, estimate costing based on machine recovery and labour
  • Estimating & Quotes
  • Generate Evolution Purchase Orders
  • Material Control & Documentation
  • Activity / work-centre tracking on the shop floor
  • Shop Floor Job Visibility

Bulk Statement Manager

  • Email Statements in bulk
  • Attach documents of proof
  • Attach invoices, POD’s or other documents
  • Prompt reporting on email delivery receipts

Supplier Recon Manager

  • What every finance manager needs : automated supplier recons
  • Supplier Statement uploads
  • Automatic reconciliations
  • Add balancing items
  • Recon authorisation
  • Automatic payment to invoice allocation
Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Contact Person: Ashwin Kandoi, Vignesh Iyer
Telephone: + 91-253-2351297, 6614786/789
Mobile: +91 9970176164
E-mail: [email protected]

Payment and Receipt Module for Sage Sage Evolution

  • A product that helps to create payment voucher and receipt with auto incremental customized number.
  • Report Designer to enable design of receipt and payment voucher.
  • Ability to reprint vouchers and receipts.

Landed Costing Module

  • This product helps to do automatic cost apportionment for line items from purchase order.
  • The cost apportionment is done on the basis of volume, weight, number and value.

Container Planning and Shipment Advice

  • This product helps to do container planning for shipment.
  • Thus based on the priority of an order you can plan the container and generate shipment advice.
Industry: Manufacturing, retail, hospitality.