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What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting Intelligence Reporting?

Intelligence Reporting is an online reporting app which allows accountants and business owners to easily report off Sage Business Cloud Accounting data. With Intelligence Reporting you can quickly create dynamic financial and operational reports within the familiar experience of Excel 2013 and Excel Online. Securely access your company data via your accounting account and insert it to Excel reports. Automatically refreshing your reports in Excel saves you hours each month and allows you to deliver more value to your customers.

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Why do I need this app?
Do you find yourself using Microsoft Excel within your reporting process due to the flexibility it offers you? Are you frequently exporting data into Excel and formatting it repetitively in order to analyse is easier? Intelligence Reporting offers you a full Excel reporting experience where you can create reports and analysis dashboards with Sage Business Cloud data once and then simply refresh them with fresh data whenever you need, instead of having to start over as is common with Excel exports.

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What is the difference between the reports within Sage Business Cloud Accounting and the reports supplied for Intelligence Reporting?
Intelligence Reporting reports are purely Microsoft Excel based, giving you the flexibility to change every aspect of your reports to suit your reporting needs. The better you know Excel, the more value you will get from using Intelligence Reporting.

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Why is it beneficial to use a cloud reporting tool like Intelligence Reporting?
Cloud software products are available for use at any time, from anywhere without needing to worry about I.T. requirements for installation, maintenance, backup and upgrades. Intelligence Reporting allows you to focus only on what really matters to you, creating and viewing business reports which empower you to make better business decisions.

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What username and password do I use to sign into Intelligence Reporting?
You must use your Sage Business Cloud credentials.

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What do I do if I can’t remember my username and password?

As you use the same credentials for both Intelligence Reporting and Sage Business Cloud, you can use the ‘Forgot My Password’ process on the Sage Business Cloud website.

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Can I sign into Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Intelligence Reporting at the same time?
Yes, absolutely.

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Is my data being stored outside my Sage Business Cloud Accounting account when I sign into Intelligence Reporting?

No, Intelligence Reporting does not store your data outside of accounting, when you sign in your data is temporarily held in-memory on the Intelligence Reporting server which is secured within the same data centre as Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Once you sign out of Intelligence Reporting or your session expires your data is cleared from the temporary in-memory holding area ensuring your data only lives in one place – inside Accounting.

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Do I need a Microsoft Office 365 subscription to run this product?
A Microsoft Office 365 subscription is not mandatory to use Intelligence Reporting. You just need access to Excel 2013.

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Can I use prior Excel versions to 2013?
No, Intelligence Reporting only works on Excel 2013 and later. This app relies on the new Microsoft ‘Apps for Office’ platform which is not available with prior versions of Excel.

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If I create Excel reports using Intelligence Reporting and want to send them to others to view, do they need Excel 2013 as well?
Not necessarily, you will only need Excel 2013 to use Intelligence Reporting but if you only want others to view your reports then they can use Excel 2007 and 2010 to view the reports. Bear in mind users of older Excel versions won’t be able to see some of the newer features of Excel (like Slicers and Timeline).

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Why do I need a specific Excel workbook to use Intelligence Reporting?
Instead of having you build reports from scratch we feel it is important to offer pre-created reports within a master Excel workbook which you can use immediately. These reports also serve to help you understand how to use Intelligence Reporting to build your own reports. In addition to this, the app relies on the master Excel workbook for certain settings such as currency and decimal separators.

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Can I change company’s after I have logged in?
No, currently this is not possible, you will need to sign out and sign back in to choose a different company. We have future plans to make this process easier.

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Is the data showing in my workbook, real time data?
Intelligence Reporting loads data from Sage Business Cloud directly after you sign in. Any changes made within Sage Business Cloud after you sign into Intelligence Reporting will not reflect within your Excel report until you sign into Intelligence Reporting again.

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How can I report off more than sales and financial data?
Currently only financial and sales information is available, we are working to bring more types of data to Intelligence Reporting in future.

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Where can I learn to design a report?
Be sure to check out the help system by clicking on the help icon once signed into Intelligence Reporting there are step by step guides on how to design different reports.

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How do I undo a change I made using the Intelligence Reporting app?
The Excel undo function currently does not support undoing of Apps for Office, we have asked Microsoft to change this as soon as they can!

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Where can I safely store reports I design?
It’s completely up to you, we recommend saving them safely as attachments within Sage Business Cloud. Alternatively you can store them within Microsoft OneDrive or just save them securely on your own PC.

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How do I send a report to someone else?

You have a few options:

  • Simply send them the Excel workbook with your reports inside.
  • Save specific worksheets within the workbook as PDFs and send them.
  • Upload the Excel workbook to Microsoft OneDrive and share it with them from there.

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Can I do the same things in Excel 2013 and Excel Online?
No, there are difference in the experience between Excel desktop and Excel Online. In the desktop version of Excel you can view reports and enjoy Excel’s full design and analysis capabilities. With Excel Online you can view and analyse your reports. Below is a breakdown of what is available in each:

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What do I need to have to access Intelligence Reporting?
  • A Microsoft Account to acquire access to the app from the Microsoft Office app store.
  • Excel 2013 or later.
  • A Sage Business Cloud account.
  • Internet Explorer 10 or above.

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Do I need internet access to use Intelligence Reporting?
Yes, just like Sage Business Cloud, Intelligence Reporting is online tool which requires an internet connection to access.

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How much bandwidth does Intelligence Reporting use?
When you sign in and look at the workbook you are not using any bandwidth, it is only when you insert lists and formula’s that you start using up bandwidth – the amount of this bandwidth is variable based on how large your lists are.

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What operational data does Intelligence Reporting allow me to report on?
Currently Intelligence Reporting allows you to access Sales data from Sage Business Cloud.

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Do I need to license this product?

No, use of Intelligence Reporting is currently included within your existing Sage Business Cloud subscription.

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How do I upgrade this product?
As Intelligence Reporting is a cloud product, upgrades will happen automatically for you. We’ll let you know when new features have been added.

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What can I do if I get stuck?
There is a comprehensive online help website which you can access inside Intelligence Reporting by clicking the Help icon. The website contains explanations and how to guides.

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When I send an Intelligence Reporting Excel workbook to others, will the data in the workbook update automatically as I make changes in Sage Business Cloud Accounting?
Your reporting data will not update automatically when others view it due to security reasons, if you would like others to have access to the latest data inside an Intelligence Reporting Excel report you have provided them, they will need to sign into Intelligence Reporting using an account which has permission to view your company on Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

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I used to use Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) with Sage Pastel, are my BIC reports compatible with Intelligence Reporting?
Existing BIC reports cannot be run using Intelligence Reporting however where possible you may be able to take your existing Excel reports and link them up to the formulas or data tables which Intelligence Reporting uses to provide data from Sage Business Cloud.

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If I make changes in Intelligence Reporting will it make the change in Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

No, Intelligence Reporting is designed to only read data from your Sage Business Cloud Accounting account, it does not write data back to your account.

Try Sage Business Cloud Accounting Intelligence Reporting

To access Intelligence Reporting, select Reports in the accounting menu and then click Intelligence Reporting.