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Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management is not the ordinary ERP solution you have come to know and expect. Our technology has evolved beyond the traditional ERP boundaries and seamlessly, effortlessly improves productivity in the distribution, manufacturing, and services industry.  

  • Fully web-based, mobile responsive and easy-to-use software solution
  • Supports multiple legislations, languages ​​and currencies
  • Multi-company, multi-site with inter-company processes
  • Reporting & fully integrated Business Intelligence with graphical business processes and workflow functionality
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Enterprise Management Blog

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Explore the Sage Business Cloud Marketplace for complementary partner integrations that can elevate your Enterprise Management solution to fit your business needs. Contact your business partner or Sage account manager to request a demo or further information on our trusted apps.


Our singular cohesive business management system allows you to accelerate all core business processes, in the cloud or on premises.


Our software adapts to your company’s requirements, user roles and preferences. It works quickly, it’s easy to manage and you can use it in a familiar web browser on any Smart device.


Manage your domestic and international businesses with ready-to-use functionality. Our Enterprise Management software adapts to the way your company operates, as well as your evolving IT strategy without loss of data or functionality (whether you choose to deploy privately or host everything in the cloud). Enterprise Management is highly scalable and grows with you and your company.

Internationally Versatile

With Enterprise Management you can manage multiple legislations, which provides for financial reporting requirements and tax regulations from multiple countries, currencies and languages. Expand outside your country and make your mark across the globe.


Enterprise Management fully integrates with all Sage software products such as Sage HRM (for payroll and HRM), Sage Inventory Advisor (cloud based Inventory Optimisation), Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence for BI and reporting.


We recognise that every industry has unique needs, Enterprise Management provides solutions for most specialised industries.