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Discrete manufacturing

As if business today for midsized companies is not challenging enough, the discrete manufacturing industry needs to move at a rapid pace to keep up with evolving and volatile markets. Products are changing technically every day and have shorter life spans, customers are becoming more demanding with exacting standards. To meet these challenges, companies within this industry must engage all stakeholders in the value chain and ensure continuous improvements to business processes. 

With the globalization of supply chains and increasing customer demand for innovation and low costs, discrete manufacturers today need an easy-to-use, flexible Business Management solution to effectively manage their needs from end-to-end.

Sage Enterprise provides 360 degree solutions for numerous companies in the discrete manufacturing space with either Sage 300 or Sage Enterprise Management as the underlying Business Management solution, catering for varying requirements and business strategies.

Mining, Oil and Gas

The mining industry is in a constant state of flux around cost control, return on capital and commodity prices. Nowadays there is a shift - mines look to technology to improve efficiency of operations, resulting in increased productivity and ultimately, better returns. Sage Enterprise Management, DRA and OSIsoft Pi join forces to bring the Mining Industry a system that will take your business into the Digital age, offering rich functionality that is built on state of the art technology and provides core business benefits.

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