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Personnel Administration

A functional structure adapted to multiple entities and decentralised organisations:

  • Fully detailed employee records with complete history
  • Pre-onboarding file and data review
  • Generates contract and legal documents
  • Manages concurrent contracts and multiple occupations - part time, seasonal activity, entertainment
  • Monitors and provides alerts for health check-ups, work permits, and regulatory authorisations


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  • Payroll preparation, statutory declarations, and annual reports
  • Accounting and payment management
  • Back-pay and regularisations
  • Adherence with training, expenses tracking, and time and activity management
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Total payroll and budget forecasting

  • Budget planning, portfolios definition, and segmentation through companies, subsidiaries and branches
  • Scenario definition, comparison, revision and reforecast
  • Definition of detailed assumptions and global assumptions
  • Variance analysis, operational indicators and KPI analysis, drill down from figures to detailed commitments
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Time and activity management

  • Forecasting and tracking of work-hours and costs
  • Attendance monitoring - such as leave, illness, and accidents.
  • Management of work-hours, shifts and cycles, bonuses, absenteeism totals, and leave entitlement calculation and valuation
  • Generates predictive calendars or attendance-history reports 
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Skills and competencies management

  • Skills and competencies tracking and mapping among employees
  • Strengths and improvements analysis by company, subsidiary and branch
  • Job, role and mission definitions, with skills requirements and compensation package
  • Performance management: skills assessment, training programs, and skills transfers planning
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Training management

Training budgets:

  • Budget wizard to define training plans and budget
  • Training needs, requests, and auto detection
  • Gross training costs calculation and budget control

Training programs:

  • Training path, organisation, and tracking of training actions
  • Training catalogue accessible within the self-service portal
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Appraisals and interviews

  • Appraisal of goals and achievements
  • Performance assessment tools
  • Skills review and training requests collection
  • Provides a framework through the self-service portal for an interactive dialogue
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Profit sharing

  • Involve and reward employees for the company’s successes and performance
  • Calculate the distribute incentives and profit-sharing between employees
  • Publish automated letters to rewarded employees
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Expenses management

  • Expenses life-cycle management
  • Online forms and refund procedure
  • Promote, check, and control travel expenses policy
  • Full process of approval workflow, payment, and accounting
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Analytics, reporting, dashboards

  • Built-in decision making tools with ability to query from any level: company, subsidiary, branch, and any module
  • User dashboards and intelligence with standard KPIs covering workforce, contracts, attendance, leave, and compensations
  • Library of pre-defined reports that centralise data and delivers on demand
  • Expand the core analytics capabilities with business intelligence options like SAP BusinessObjects
  • Extensive library of business-oriented statistical reports, SQL query builder. and Sage graphical query builder 
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