Sage VIP Classic Payroll and HR | Add-on Modules

Add modules and systems to fit your requirements

Simply add any of the following modules to your core system to expand its capabilities. It can be adapted to fit your requirements, no matter how fast your business grows.

The Leave Management Module lets you manage leave administration within the framework of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) and enforce company-specific leave policies.

This module is fully integrated with existing payroll fields to eliminate double entries

Sage Leave Management

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The VIP Personnel Management Module is embedded in the Classic Payroll & HR system to give your HR manager immediate, easy-to-use access to accurate employee information and a host of key functions.

Sage Personnel Management (Basic HR)

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The VIP General Ledger module saves you time in balancing your salary journal and allows you to allocate salary costs according to general ledger account codes and cost centres. It will work with all major accounting software suites, including Sage Pastel Partner, Sage ERP 300, Omni Accounts etc.

Sage General Ledger

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The VIP Employment Equity Module provides you with fundamental guidelines on all aspects of Employment Equity required by the latest South African legislation. It gives you step-by-step procedures for implementing all the components of Employment Equity in your company, developing numerical goals and targets and printing all Statutory Equity Reports (EEA2 and EEA4) for the Department of Labour.

Sage Employment Equity

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The Skills Development Module gives you practical tools for managing all aspects of skills development in your organisation e.g. monitoring planned and attended training as well as direct and indirect training costs.

Sage Skills Development

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Sage VIP Intelligence Reporting empowers you to easily obtain the information required for improved reporting across your entire business. Based on the Microsoft Excel application, it lets you create reports and analyse data, improving your visibility into your organisation and helping you make informed business decisions. Users are provided with a suite of reports that can be modified or customised to suit individual user requirements, in addition to the existing payroll reports within the VIP system.

Sage Intelligence Reporting

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A VIP InfoSlip is an electronic payslip that not only mirrors the VIP paper payslip, but offers your employees an interactive compensation statement that shows them all their benefits in an easy-to-read, engaging format. Plus – the InfoSlip offers you a unique way to communicate with your employees: simply attach data in Microsoft Word or Excel and you have a powerful new communication channel for newsletters, travel claims, increase letters, etc. All InfoSlip files (payslips and IRP5s) are archived online for seven years. Your employees can simply register online for access to historic InfoSlips or IRP5s.

Sage InfoSlips (electronic & mobi payslips)

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SkillsMap is a membership-based, complete end-to-end recruitment solution that offers you direct access to top talent in Africa and abroad for exclusive positions within your company. Our discerning members are looking for careers that match their ambitions. They’re the best and the brightest, and our role is to connect them with you.

Sage Sage SkillsMap

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