Applicant Tracking

This system runs the recruitment process for you

Target your candidates and then relax while the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters and screens them for you. The ATS is a software application that handles the recruitment process electronically from the requisition of a new position to placement. It uses best practices and includes workflow to automate the requisition-to-hire process.

Here’s what the Applicant Tracking System does for you:

  • CV parsing, enabling easy bulk upload of CVs and creation of CV templates
  • Publishing of job ads to the Sage SkillsMap Talent Community, Customised Career Portal and to social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Bulk email and SMSs
  • Automated candidate screening through skills weighting and configurable filtering tools
  • Automated CRM function that manages communications with prospective candidates
  • Reporting and dashboards

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