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Forensic Services

Stop fraud before it starts

  • Seal weak spots in your payroll system
  • Track down fraudsters
  • Minimize your risk

Sage VIP’s Risk and Fraud Management service is a set of powerful tools that seals off the weak spots in your payroll system and tracks down any fraudsters in your midst.

This service, triggered by a growing demand from our clients for a way to combat fraud, gives you skilled assistance in risk assessment and management, fraud prevention, and fraud investigation and review:

Risk and Process Assessments

Through a Risk and Process Assessment, we’ll evaluate the resources, software and output of your payroll processes to identify any possible risks. Based on the result, an expert VIP consultant will discuss with you various ways you can manage and lower these risks, including:

  • Segregation of duties
  • System access
  • Processes and procedures to be followed in the payroll office
  • Alignment of your payroll processes and procedures with the complexities of your business

Risk Footprint Infographic

Escalating fraud makes it imperative that your top-level managers and EXCO members oversee and manage your financial systems.

The Payroll Fraud 101: Awareness and Prevention session will give your senior managers the tools to check the security and monitor the ongoing operation of your payroll system. To develop practical skills and informed insight, each participant will work on their own VIP system during the session, although in-depth knowledge of the system is not required.

This session will cover:

  • Principles of payroll fraud
  • Access control set-up in VIP with an explanation of all the risks
  • Interpreting the information on the audit trail and log file
  • Interpreting the information on the audit reports

After this session senior management and EXCO will be aware of different payroll fraud schemes and how to manage and check the VIP system for irregularities.

  • Should it appear that payroll fraud has occurred at your business, we’ll conduct a forensic review to investigate:
  • How the fraud was committed
  • Who was involved
  • The total amount of money stolen

You’ll receive all the findings of the forensic review including a detailed description of the steps we followed in the review process. The monetary findings will be detailed in Microsoft Excel documents. You will be able to use the findings in legal or internal disciplinary procedures.