Payroll Outsourcing

Avoid the headaches. Let the professionals take care of your payroll.

  • We have been looking after more than 250 payrolls since 2002
  • We are focused on absolute accuracy and timeliness
  • We process the salaries of around 130 000 employees annually
  • Clients range from small businesses to large corporations

You don’t pay any software licence fees. Our software is developed and maintained in-house. We can import information from other sources like time-and-attendance systems and can also export information to banks, accounting systems and other supported systems. We use tried-and tested methods of operation with a focus on accuracy and redundancy.

Guaranteed accuracy and reliability

  • Your payroll is meticulously checked by our payroll experts.
  • We maintain comprehensive notes of the full payroll process, ensuring your payroll is always processed even when key personnel are absent.
  • A second account manager is always aware of your setup and details should the designated manager be unavailable.

Your data is always safe

  • We make backups of your data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Backups are stored off-site at a secure location.
  • Never worry about your data again.

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The outsourcing process - click here to see how it works

Payroll Outsourcing

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Advantages of outsourcing
  • Access to the software: You get a free backup of the latest signed-off payroll, so you can review every detail.
  • Employment Equity setup and maintenance: Our Employment Equity module generates all Statutory Equity Reports (EEA2 and EEA4) required by the Department of Labour.
  • General Ledger interface files: We can setup and create electronic interface files that you can import to your own general ledger systems for a minimal fee. This will increase your accuracy when balancing and maintaining your control accounts.
  • Business Intelligence reports: To save you time in consolidating information, we can extract standard and customised management reports from your payroll at company or group level. These reports are perfect for a board pack.
  • Leave recording and reporting: Our detailed leave reporting lets you manage leave and create accurate leave provisions. We will even integrate your company leave policy. Leave can be recorded manually or electronically via our hosted Employee Self Service system (ESS).
  • Electronic Payslips: Payslips and tax certificates can be distributed electronically via InfoSlips – an interactive digital payslip. InfoSlips can be customised to suit your corporate identity and are archived for seven years.
  • Access to a pool of expertise: All our account managers have extensive payroll consulting experience and are experts in payroll legislation and the software.
  • Constant back-up of your data: Your backups are made daily, weekly and monthly and are stored off site at a secure location.

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Your other responsibilities
  • Addressing queries from your employees (including InfoSlip queries)
  • Interaction with third parties (e.g. benefit funds, SARS)
  • Administering employee benefit funds
  • Preparing manual tax certificates

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Our other responsibilities
  • Preparing electronic tax certificates.
  • Preparing IRP5 and IT3 certificates.
  • Preparing and reviewing the [email protected] import file for mid- and end-of-tax-year processes.
  • Keeping the software updated and in line with statutory requirements.
  • Making sure your data is always backed up and there is a disaster recovery plan in place.

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