Project Consulting

Key services offered

Project consultants

  • During the project kick-off meeting we discuss the project workflow and determine the stakeholders involved during the implementation. This is an important phase to make sure there is 100% commitment from those involved. Project goals, milestones, stakeholders concerned, risks and objectives are defined. A project definition report is created from this meeting which gives each stakeholder a clear picture of what the project entails.
  • The Business Requirements presentation addresses two areas. The first is to provide the client with a management summary regarding project goals and objectives. This includes looking at the risks involved, a gap analysis, assumptions and milestones.
  • The second area focuses on the detailed analysis of the client’s needs, to ensure that their expectations are met. These include discussions around hardware requirements, payroll definitions and formulas, general ledger set up, reporting requirements, access control and application of legislative requirements.
  • A project plan is drafted to suit timeframes and budget. This will provide a day-to-day reminder of planned actions, who should be available, what to prepare and the estimated and actual costs involved.
  • Progress meetings are done on a regular basis to communicate the progress of the project in terms of the phases completed.
  • A summary of all items completed and outstanding is created as well as a costing sheet which shows the budgeted amount versus actual costs.
  • Assistance to optimise productivity and implement processes that save time and money.
  • Customised on-site training is done to streamline all processes and procedures within the client’s payroll department. Clients are equipped with a customised procedure manual. The procedure manual is a step-by-step guide with all the payroll processes, to maintain payroll functionality, to reduce support queries, to ensure continuity of payroll processing and to give the operator the necessary control over the payroll

Project office

  • As a Sage VIP Project client you are entitled to high priority telephone support service. A dedicated support line is available to assist with any support queries and an experienced telephone support consultant will liaise with the project consultant on a regular basis. We also make use of data backups of your specific company structure to assist us to provide a quick and accurate solution to your queries.
  • This service enables the client to optimise the productivity levels in the payroll office.

Advantages of being a Project client

  • The client receives dedicated telephone support with permanent telephone support consultants who are familiar with the client’s system configuration and the client may send monthly backups to the support desk to enable them to receive immediate support, irrelevant of the complexity of the query.
  • We provide quality software, which is constantly under review, and updated in line with statutory obligations, keeping in mind the client’s changing needs and expectations.
  • By using a project plan, a structured approach is followed to reduce risk and enable both parties to achieve set goals within budget and timeframes. A business requirements document and customised manual is provided during the implementation process to give any stakeholder an overview and an understanding on how the system has been configured and how to work on the system.
  • Our extensive experience ensures a specialised service tailored to your company’s payroll requirements.
  • We believe in providing continuous feedback to ensure that we keep in touch with the growing needs of your business.
  • The Project department is backed by professionally trained VIP Payroll staff and VIP Payroll software that is constantly reviewed and updated in line with statutory obligations. This completely alleviates the onerous burden of ever-changing legislation.
  • By means of continuous upliftment from the Project office, we encourage self-sufficiency with our clients.
  • VIP Projects provides reliable and cost effective services, irrespective of the complexity of your salaries and related systems.


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