Interim period tax submission

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Interim period tax reconciliation – We can help you

Interim period tax submission is an important event that SARS requires every business to comply with. From 1 March to 31 August, businesses are required to complete all reporting data needed for the submission. All information must be submitted to SARS by 31 October 2018.

For a successful submission, the following must be reconciled:

  1. The total Tax, SDL and UIF on the electronic and manual tax  certificates;
  2. The total Tax, SDL and UIF received by SARS, and
  3. The values of the EMP201

How we help you

Because we care about your business, all our tools are created with SARS in mind. Our systems ensure your UIF, PAYE, SDL and Employment Tax Incentive calculations are always accurate so your business is 100% SARS compliant. Retrieving information required for your Interim period tax submission is just a few clicks away.

We offer various solutions that cater for all business sizes. Click here if you would like one of our experts to call you on recommendations for the perfect software to meet your business needs. You can also click here to browse through our product offering.

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Mid-year Payroll Update Seminar

Positioned between the February 2017 budget proposals and the implementation of law changes in March 2018, the Mid-year Payroll Tax Update seminar presented by Rob Cooper will bring you up to date with the changes that will impact your payroll and give you a heads-up opportunity to prepare for the implementation.

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Mid-year Tax Submission E-Learning

The Mid-year PAYE submission training covers the August reconciliation process in a practical manner. It provides you with vital legislative knowledge to ensure compliance and also illustrate the system features available to simplify the process.

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Mid-year group consultation

A group consultation is an efficient and cost effective alternative to an onsite consultation. With the assistance of a consultant you and a small group will work through a detailed Mid-year submission checklist which will allow you to complete all the steps required by SARS.

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Book a consultant

As a Sage client you benefit from a range of services provided by payroll experts in specialist departments. If you want to book a payroll consultant to help you with your Mid-year PAYE submissions you can contact us and make an appointment or you can call your nearest branch.

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