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Annual Renewal Requirements

In order to maintain your annual membership, the following training centre standards have to be met:

  • Customer service
  • Centre operations and training management – only Sage Pastel Certified Trainers may be employed
  • Approved courseware from Sage Pastel – that meets SAQA unit standard requirements

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Become an ATC

The Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centre (ATC) programme has been created to play a prominent role in increasing the skills level and facilitating the desired knowledge transfer in the SME business environment.

Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centres are independent organisations that deliver a range of educational and vocational services based on the Sage Pastel Accounting software range. The Sage Pastel ATC programme is global and implemented through a diverse distribution strategy. It is considered an important resource for training on Sage Pastel Accounting and related Sage Pastel Software.

Become a Sage Pastel ATC if:
  • Your company provides training services based on Sage Pastel Accounting and related business products.
  • You would like to be recognised for your Sage Pastel product knowledge and expertise by displaying the unique Sage Pastel ATC logo.
  • You would like to receive unique product benefits, such as prescribed numbers of software training-use licenses, access to training resources and content as well as sales resources for Sage Pastel training offerings.
  • You would like to receive sales and marketing resources and tools to help you support your customers and grow your business with Sage Pastel training products and solutions.
  • You would like to receive training customer referrals from Sage Pastel Accounting and participate in a worldwide community of Sage Pastel ATCs.
Contact the Sage Pastel Training department on +27 11 304 3670  [email protected]

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Benefits of being a certified Sage Pastel ATC

 Authorised Training Centres receive Sage Pastel certification emphasising credibility as a certified provider of Sage Pastel training. This indicates to the public that the Training Centre meets the quality and standards of Sage Pastel.
Computer Lab and Licensing:  As a Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centre, you will be able to take full advantage of the Sage Pastel Educational Software.
Revenue Generating Benefits:  Membership in the Sage Pastel ATC programme includes:
  • Recognition and Logo
  • Referral and Lead opportunities
  • Technical information

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Find a Sage Pastel Accounting Authorised Training Centre

Looking to to find a Sage Pastel Accounting Authorised Training Centre (ATC) in your region? All of our registered ATCs offer a wide range of Sage Pastel certified training courses.

Find an ATC in your area