Product Features

Sage One Accounting Features for African Countries

Sage Africa


Intuitive interface for more ease of use

Sage One Accounting makes use of dashboards that present your business data in the form of drill-downs, graphs and tables, giving you immediate access to transactional data and allowing you to better manage your accounts and cash flow.


Access your data from anywhere, at any time

Sage One can be accessed online from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. With all of your business accounting data stored in the cloud, you can simply log in and start working, no matter where you are.


Get a bird’s eye view of your business performance

Filter and view only the information you need with Sage One’s dashboards – getting an instant view of your business based only on the information and details relevant to your query. Add and remove dashboard widgets to specify which data you need.


Take control of your inventory, suppliers, and customers

With each new transaction, Sage One will track your stock, the number of sales per customer, as well as supplier transactions. You can analyse your sales by creating individual categories for customers, suppliers, and sale items.


Simplified invoicing and customer interactions

Sage One allows you to design your own customised invoices, as well as convert quotes to invoices, and to quickly and easily manage your invoicing process – from sending invoices to tracking payments. Sage One Customer Zone also gives your customers access to their invoices and statements online, enabling them to view and pay their invoices faster.


Banking automation

Sage One’s Bank Feeds lets you import your bank and credit card accounts, ensuring there’s no need to manually upload the information, and giving you instant access to your banking when you log in to Sage One. This access also makes banking reconciliation an absolute breeze, and much faster than manual reconciliation.


Sage One Reporting

Reporting has never been easier – you simply need to choose one of Sage One’s predefined reports, review the information presented, then send it on to your accountant or bank manager.

Why are we renaming Sage One?

Sage has brought together its expertise in Accounting, Financials, Enterprise Management, People and Payroll, Payments and Banking into a flexible cloud portfolio of products that customers can use and add to at any stage of their business journey.