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The New Digitisation Roadmap for the Office of the CFO

On-Demand Webinar:

The truth is undeniable – big data, the cloud, and analytics are dominant forces that are here to stay, making the Office of the CFO’s role much more complex. 

Today, it takes a tech-savvy CFO—someone who understands and embraces the power of technology—to navigate this exciting, unpredictable future.

In this one-hour on-demand webinar, we’ll share the key findings from the CFO 3.0 research conducted with senior finance leaders across a range of industries and provide a practical technology roadmap and best practice methodologies designed to enable CFOs to be visionaries in steering their organisation to achieve unprecedented agility.

Watch the on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn how the role of the CFO is evolving from number cruncher to visionary.
  • Uncover the top pain points senior finance leaders face in their quest to grow and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Discover how through implementing a best practice framework, CFOs can not only respond to these challenges but provide their finance teams with the tools they require to survive and thrive in this digital era.
  • Learn how customers from various industries have been more strategic by making data-driven decisions to help steer growth.


Stephen Duncan
Product Marketing Manager, Sage Intacct
Sage Australia


Justus Siage

Product Specialist, Sage Intacct
Sage Australia