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Sage Australia legal information

This website is owned and operated by Sage Business Solutions Pty Ltd. For information about the terms on which you can use this website, how data collected through this website is used or for information about Sage Business Solutions Pty Ltd. and it's products and services, please see the section below. Sage Business Solutions Pty Ltd. is part of The Sage Group plc group of companies.

Website Terms and conditions

Find details of the terms of use on which we permit people to use our website.

View Sage website terms and conditions

Sage Agreements

The Sage Agreements governs your use of Sage software products and associated services. Sage Agreements have recently been updated to include terms regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation. They also include provisions for on-premise subscription product offerings and access to cloud features. In addition, certain products have Supplemental License Terms that apply to your use of that product.

View Sage Agreements for your particular product

Privacy Policy

Sage is committed to the security and privacy of our customers’ data. This Privacy Policy explains our commitment to safeguarding our customers’ data and serves as our agreement with our customers and other parties about our data handling practices. This policy lists the types of data we collect, explains how we use and protect that data, and discloses our key procedures surrounding privacy.

Processing of EU data

To the extent the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) governs Sage’s processing or controlling of personal data, then the Data Processing Addendum, which may be amended by Sage from time to time, shall apply.
Contact information

For all legal related questions, you can contact us at:

The Legal Department
Sage Singapore Pte. Ltd.
30 Prinsep St
Singapore 188647


The Legal Department
Sage Business Solutions Pty Limited
Suite 703, 100 Walker Street, 
North Sydney, NSW, 2060

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