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Sage webinars and on-demand videos

Check out our plethora of live and on-demand webinars and videos to get up to speed on what like-minded industries and professions are doing to evolve their business and how Sage can help.

Upcoming webinars

Register below for upcoming Sage webinars targeted at a variety of industries, professions and Sage business solutions. Alternatively watch on-demand webinars and videos and learn how Sage can help your business adapt and lead through uncertain times.

On-demand webinars: Accountants

View on-demand webinars specifically created for the Australian accounting industry profession.

Enhance Client Engagement with Sage Accountant Cloud

Date recorded: 18/03/2020

Sage Accountant Cloud provides practices with a client-centric platform to engage with clients, optimise practice resources and to maximise current and future opportunities.

Optimise your practice with Sage Accountant Cloud

Date recorded: 18/03/2020

With centralised client management, access all client information in the one place allowing you to connect with clients like never before.

Ways to keep your practice moving

Speaker: David Smith, Director of Smithink and Gary Weisz, Director of Strategic Accounts and Alliances, Sage Software

Date recorded: 5/05/2020


  • Managing business risks
  • Manage and support staff to work from home
  • Maintaining communication and engagement with clients
  • Ways to continue reaching new clients
  • Benefits of cloud practice management software

Tips in HandiSoft: Client Engagement and JobKeeper and Cashflow Boost

Date recorded: 13/05/2020

This covers tips and ideas on how to use Sage HandiSoft to identify clients and communicate with them in response to the JobKeeper and Cashflow Boost stimulus packages.

HandiSoft Online Solution Demo webinar

Date recorded: 12/05/2020

Learn how you can automate your compliance workflow and drive productivity improvements to optimise your practice and work from anywhere. A complete practice management solution for Australian Tax agents and Accountants for firms of all sizes, hosted securely in the cloud.

HandiTax Cloud Solution Demo Webinar

Date recorded: 14/05/2020

Sage HandiTax Cloud is a powerful, yet easy to use cloud-based tax preparation and lodgement app from the developers of HandiSoft who lodge more than 40% of all practitioner lodged returns in Australia. Register now and find out how to empower you and your team to prepare, review and lodge returns quickly and accurately from anywhere.

On-demand webinars: Payroll & People

View on-demand webinars specifically addressing the challenges around Australian payroll award legislation and compliance.

Sage Advice Live: Strategies for the future of work

Host: Mark Jones, Chief Storyteller & CEO, Filtered Media

Special guests: Christine Cocuzza, Manager, National Payroll, AFL, Rhonda Brighton-Hall, Founder & CEO, Making Work Absolutely Human (MWAH), Kerry Agiasotis, MD & EVP, Sage APAC

Date recorded: 3/09/2020

Our workplaces, ways of working and employment conditions are changing fast. Are you ready to maximise your opportunities? Join our free live event to learn game-changing strategies for people, payroll and compliance.   

The Rising impact of Wage Underpayments

Date recorded: 13/08/2020

Join Tracy Angwin, CEO of the Australian Payroll Association as we discuss the rise of underpayments in Australia and how you can ensure your organisation meets the latest Salary Annualisation obligations.


  • Main causes of wage underpayments in Australia
  • Assumptions and confusions around annualised salaries
  • Impacts to your business's reputation and employees
  • Practical advice to prevent underpayments occurring in your business

Payroll and HR Compliance changes

Presented by Luke Thomas, Natasha Hawker & Danny King

Date recorded: 29/04/2020

In recent months a significant number of changes have come into effect for businesses across Australia, impacting the operations of Australian Payroll & HR teams. 

To provide you a deeper understanding of these changes, Sage has partnered with Natasha Hawker, Director, Employee Matters and Danny King, Principal, DK Legal to discuss what these changes mean to your business.

Sage MicrOpay JobKeeper Payments

Presented by Jenny Schroder from Sage

Date recorded: 24/04/2020


  1. Run through the JobKeeper eligibility requirements
  2. Detail the actions required from an employer
  3. How to process Job Keeper payments within Sage MicrOpay
  4. Q&A

Sage WageEasy JobKeeper Payments

Presented by Tim Boote from Sage

Date recorded: 28/04/2020


  1. Run through the JobKeeper eligibility requirements
  2. Detail the actions required from an employer
  3. How to process Job Keeper payments within Sage WageEasy
  4. Q&A

Changes in the Australian Payroll Compliance Landscape

Date recorded: 15/01/2020

Constant changes are happening within the Australian taxation, superannuation and industrial relations landscape. To keep you up to date with these changes we partnered with Glynn Flaherty, Director of Payroll Matters to deliver a free webinar.


5 ways HR is changing and how to get ahead

Date recorded: November 2019

Seismic shifts in the way organisations operate, manage their people and work are occurring. To understand these changes and how they impact the role of HR, Sage surveyed 500+ senior HR and People leaders from across the globe - and uncovered some revealing findings.

5 ways to raise your game with HR Automation

Date recorded: September 2019

HR leaders are embracing the changing face of HR and getting ahead of the competition by automating their HR processes. Freeing up their time and delivering huge cost savings to their businesses. Are you being left behind?

On-demand webinars: ERP and Financial Management

View on-demand webinars specifically addressing the challenges around ERP and financial management systems.

Industry Insights for CFOs in Financial Services and Insurance

Speakers: Tommy Wu, Senior Industry Analyst at IBISWorld Australia & Bruce Minty, Product Marketing Manager, ERP at Sage Australia

Date recorded: 4/11/2020

Guest presenters IBISWorld share trends and outlook for the Financial Services & Insurance industry to help CFOs make informed business decisions.

The New Digitisation Roadmap for the Office of the CFO

Date recorded: 15/07/2020 

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll share the key findings from the CFO 3.0 research conducted with senior finance leaders across a range of industries and provide a practical technology roadmap and best practice methodologies designed to enable CFOs to be visionaries in steering their organisation to achieve unprecedented agility.

Discrete Manuafacturing - How discrete manufacturers can drive digital transformation

By embracing digital transformation, companies can access business management solutions that will allow them to plan, forecast and handle inventory alongside other financial information related to the supply chain. The right business management solution can give businesses greater insight and control - speed up turnaround times, guarantee product quality, successfully mitigate risks —and much more.

The New Digitisation Roadmap for Not-For-Profit Finance Teams

Date recorded: 27/05/2020

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll share the key learnings from a recent survey of not-for-profit finance leaders and provide a practical technology road-map that can help your finance team reduce administrative tasks, so you and your team can focus more time on strategic initiatives that will advance your mission.

Distribution - How distribution businesses can drive supply chain success

Distribution has always been about building and maintaining customer relationships, but digital disruption means the landscape has changed. The market reality says that wholesale distribution is fundamentally transforming, with a need to maximise supply chain performance and deliver the best customer experience.

Learn how you can quickly adapt and respond to meet these challenges.


Food and Beverage - Why traceability is crucial for a successful supply chain

Businesses across industries are already investing in new technology that advances traceability—helping them to boost regulatory compliance, prevent product recalls, meet sustainability challenges and more.

In this webinar, learn about traceability best practices and visibility across the whole process.

Process Manufacturing - 5 Steps to Capitalise on Digital Disruption

In this webinar, learn about the key challenges that process manufacturing CFOs are facing right now and what they’re going to be facing in the future.

Discover how ongoing disruption is changing the nature of the CFO’s responsibility and how there is an increasing demand for data-driven analysis and insight.

Practical insights and best practices to navigate uncertainties

We’ve collated webinar and video content resulting from industry panel discussions as well as showcasing Sage customers and partners navigating their way through COVID-19 with resilience, agility and innovation. We’re sharing these insights and best practices with the broader business community who may be able to benefit from this learning.

COVID-19 business grants: How you can save time helping your clients with Access

COVID-19 business grants: How you can save time helping your clients with Access

Discover how practices can automate the process of identifying clients who are eligible for the COVID-19 business grants.

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4 ways accountants can help their clients this tax time

4 ways accountants can help their clients this tax time

The 2021 financial year has been one of unprecedented change for tax professionals and their clients.  This year saw government relief packages and tax incentives continue to support businesses through COVID-19, with much of Australia’s workforce working from home. There’s also been a surge in Australian’s investing in cryptocurrency for the first time, as both businesses and individuals diversify their investments.  Navigating the tax implications of these changes means that tax time this year will be […]

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Federal Budget 2021: 5 key tax incentives for businesses

Federal Budget 2021: 5 key tax incentives for businesses

The 2021 Federal Budget has delivered a range of tax incentives for small to medium-sized businesses, designed to help the economy continue its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Most notably, extensions to temporary full expensing and instant asset write-offs will provide businesses with a combined $20.7 billion in tax relief. The changes come as the corporate tax rate for small and medium-sized […]

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Federal Budget 2021: The 5 most important changes to superannuation

Federal Budget 2021: The 5 most important changes to superannuation

Casual and lower income workers, older Australians, and first–time home buyers were the big winners of the superannuation changes announced in the 2021 Federal Budget.  The changes will see Australian businesses pay increased contributions to their employees, with a rise in the superannuation guarantee rate and the scrapping of eligibility thresholds.  Let’s look at the five most important changes made to superannuation in […]

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Annual Salary Agreements: Why a whole-of-business approach is critical to ensuring compliance

Annual Salary Agreements: Why a whole-of-business approach is critical to ensuring compliance

If you’re a HR or payroll professional, you’re likely all too aware of the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) comprehensive annual salary obligations which took effect from March 2021. Given the high-profile cases of underpayments impacting both large and small organisations, you know the imperative to ensure compliance with these obligations, and the risks of failing to do so.    But are your organisation’s leaders aware?  One of the […]

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How to build valuable and sustainable relationships in the not-for-profit sector

How to build valuable and sustainable relationships in the not-for-profit sector

During the pandemic, one sector that has suffered dramatically has been not-for-profit. Those organisations that relied on events or fundraising activities that simply do not work with social distancing have had to pivot and look at innovative ways to keep moving forward. This has been a global challenge for the sector. So, what should advisors […]

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