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YML Group: ‘We need to be digital first.’

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YML Group: ‘We need to be digital first.’

As part of our Voice of Customer series, we spoke with Yoav Lewis, Founder and Chairman of YML Group, about the challenges YML Group has faced during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With over 100 employees, YML Group is an Australian financial services company that provides a range of accounting, finance and business services to small business clients in Australia and around the globe.

“What we learnt from COVID-19 is when there’s a very big problem, there’s an even bigger opportunity,” says Yoav.

“The fact that we are now separated, we need to be digital first. We need to deal with this COVID-19 situation using digital tools and that will enable us to help those clients who need it the most.”

Watch our video to discover the lessons YML Group has learnt from COVID-19 and how embracing a digital first ethos helps the organisation to more effectively service its clients.

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