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Giving not-for-profit organisations total control

Make sure funds are maximised and used effectively, and actively recruit, manage and engage workforces across the world, no matter the country, continent or timezone, with Sage Business Cloud.

Do you know the secret of successful not-for-profit organisations?

Not-for-profit organisations are like businesses, except you're selling ideas and not products.

Successful not-for-profit organisations need more than donations—they need technological solutions to move their mission forward. With tight budgets and a need to diversify funding streams, charities big and small want to make their money work harder to support their top priorities.


A powerful financial management platform is the foundation to help you improve productivity, collaboration and customer service.

With a comprehensive and accurate financial management system, you can make confident business decisions and slash the time and cost of complex accounting and financial processes along the way.

Integrate your financial, accounting and customer relationship activities to a more streamlined financial management process with Sage software. Our financial solutions provide real-time visibility, collaboration, agility, and most of all, compliance in order to achieve success for your business.

The powerful capabilities of Sage financial software enable you to;

• Trade geographically in multiple currencies and languages.
• Easily manage, consolidate financials for multiple companies
• Easily estimate and track project and job cost
• Budget forecast per task and project
• Record of all project reviews and adjustments
• Multiple invoicing methods
• Streamline payment processing while increasing efficiency, reducing processing costs
• Use the cloud to securely access key data anytime, anywhere
• Seamlessly scale as your business grows – without adding headcount


Comprehensive fund accounting for not-for-profits

Many not-for-profits receive dozens or hundreds of grants and directed donations in separate income streams. And donors rightfully want to know how their investments are faring. Sage Intacct fund accounting creates separate closes for each revenue source along with a regular series of specific reports, each with its own unique requirements, for every funder.

Sage Intacct fund accounting helps to generate:

• Statements of activities
• Statements of financial position
• Statements of cash flow

Do more good work with a flexible, user-friendly solution

The right cloud product could shave weeks off your reporting cycle and free up much-needed budget and time! Find your product today.

Sage Business Cloud Sage X3

Provides faster, more intuitive and tailored business management solutions than conventional ERP for organisations looking to thrive and retain their competitive advantage by increasing their agility and embracing change at speed.

  • A single solution for your managing core business processes including inventory, sales, customer service, finances, and more
  • Collaborate across divisions, countries, multiple sites, languages and legislations
  • Manage financial operations with general ledger, cost accounting, and budgeting
  • Control procurement, cash flow and business purchases
  • Get a complete view of your customers across sales, marketing, customer service and support
  • Ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and service processes
Learn more about Sage X3
Sage 300cloud

Unlock your company’s potential, reduce costs and improve performance with enhanced business visibility with Sage 300cloud - connecting finance, operations, and inventory in multiple languages and currencies.

  • Access a unified view of your business from anywhere on any device
  • Faster, more informed collaboration and decision making with powerful analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Powerful customer relationship management and increased business visibility
  • Powerful project and services management
  • Strategically manage every aspect of the distribution cycle from purchasing to sales
  • Save time and improve the productivity of your team with Office 365 integration
  • Powerful financial management capabilities and automated businesses processes
Learn more about Sage 300cloud

A fast, safe, and efficient payment process

Through the Sage Foundation, eligible not-for-profit organisations benefit from rapid time to value with two free licences and discount on further user licences purchased.

Benefit from compliant non-profit financial reporting, automation of key processes, easy integration to other solutions, and real-time visibility to key performance and outcome metrics.

Let's work together to do more good. Apply today.

Why do outcome metrics matter for Nonprofit organisations?

Outcome metrics not only show funders and constituents how the organisation is performing; they also help pave the way for sustainable growth and greater efficiency. Download the eBook to discover how to increase visibility across your organisation’s health and impact.

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