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Cloud accounting software for your business

Online accounting software for your business cuts down admin and puts you in control. Find out what accounts software can do for you.

Make running your business simple with accounting software

We’ve designed Sage accountancy software with your business in mind. Our integrated solutions allow you to create detailed reports, view your finances, process tax and international payments and much more. Our system keeps you up to date with the latest financial legislation – in Australia and globally.

Our cloud technology means you’ll have access to your finances whenever you need them. Whether you’re a sole trader or a proprietary limited company, we have the bookkeeping software you need to manage your financial data and grow your company.

Over the last 35 years, we’ve built strong relationships with business leaders to help them create lasting companies. You can count on our expertise and support at every step of your professional journey.

Why cloud software for accounting?

The best bookkeeping software uses cloud technology so you can securely manage your accounts wherever you are. How does it work? Your data is stored in the cloud (a remote server or computer). To access and interact with your data, you just need an internet connection and a computer or smart device.

Running a business means you’re often on the go. Between meetings with potential employees, pitching products or services to clients and visiting suppliers, finding time to manage finances can be difficult. Our accounts solutions put your real-time business finance information in your pocket.

Sage bookkeeping software applications use innovative cloud technology. Connect with your bank and use customised dashboards for instant access to your accounts receivable and accounts payable. Accounts management is simple and estimating your firm’s financial health is a thing of the past. 

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What does accountancy software do?

Gain an overview of your finances in real-time

Quick to set up and easy to use

Sync with your bank instantly

Access better insights into your finances and speed up tax calculations

Back up your financial information securely

Work from anywhere with advanced mobile apps

Is cloud accounting software safe ?

We understand you may have concerns about storing sensitive business information in the cloud, but there’s no need to worry.

You work hard at building your business and we work hard at keeping your data safe. In fact, our cloud accounting software is one of the securest places to store your financial documentation.

Our technology systems ensure your data is automatically backed up, so you don’t need to worry about losing important information. Sage programs use the best security features to guarantee clear audit trails and transparent accounting.

How cloud accounting software can help your business

With cloud accounting software, you can get accurate real-time insight into your company’s finances, collaborate with your team regardless of your location and reduce business expenses.

Manage client and supplier information, email invoices and statements, scan and store receipts and expenses, and create custom estimates. Cloud accounting software makes it easy to control your finances on the go.

Our cloud accounting program lets you work from home, client offices and anywhere else you can access the internet. It’s easy to squeeze bookkeeping admin into spare moments, saving you time for the things that really matter. 


The advantages of cloud-based accounting software

We have over 35 years of experience helping entrepreneurs build lasting businesses. As part of Sage Business Cloud, our range of accounting software includes Accounting and Financials, both of which can help you manage your business more effectively.


Your accounting needs are taken care of via our straightforward monthly subscription plans, reducing costs and admin. And our solutions are backed by unlimited phone and email support.


Get set up quickly and easily and manage your accounts without delay. Plus, access stress-free online training 24/7.


View, update and regulate your accounting information wherever you are in Australia or the world.  All you need is an internet connection and a mobile or connected device.


Stay informed on all the latest legislation changes, including GST, CPA Australia and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation guidance) updates. So you’ll always have the most recent information when balancing the books.


Use the latest applications and connect with your team, bookkeeper or CPA practice from any device. And handle wages effortlessly with our payroll manager add-on.


Customise reports and track your key metrics at the touch of a button. Manage your organisation’s finances on your terms.

Take care of business with Sage

Sage’s simple, online software for accounting makes it easy to streamline payment processes, keep employees and clients happy and control your cash flow.

Sage Business Cloud


Online accounting software that’s perfect for small businesses looking to quickly create invoices, track accounts, and process payments.

  • Easy to set up and use, with the flexibility to manage business online anytime, anywhere.
  • Quickly create quotes or sales invoices, and monitor what's due to manage your customers.
  • Connect with your bank - no more manual processing or bank reconciliations
  • Collaborate with your accountant and reduce the time you spend on tax preparation.
  • Single Touch Payroll compliant payroll add-on accessible directly in the product
  • Customisable dashboards to gain visibility of how your business is performing 24/7
Learn more about Accounting

Grumpy Donuts

We love the scalability – we know in time it has the depth of functionality to provide the additional financial management support our expanding business will need.

Scott and Elise Honeybrook, Owners

Grumpy Donuts, Australia

Manage your cash flow

Any small business owner will tell you that cash is king. Discover how to take control of your finances with our comprehensive guide to managing cash flow.

You'll learn the principles of cash flow management plus the best ways to chase down late payments.

Have questions about Sage accounting software?

We'll help you find the best accounting software for your business.

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