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Sage Foundation

Delivering Sage’s global programme of corporate philanthropy

Embedded across all 23 Sage markets, Sage Foundation unifies colleagues, partners and customers in a programme of social change philanthropy. We take action through volunteering and fundraising to help tens of thousands of people in our local communities through more than 1,000 non-profits.

Vision and Mission

Sage Foundation Impact Report 2018: photo of smiling woman Sage Foundation volunteer at an event

Impact report 2019: view our success

Sage volunteering increased by 30 per cent and was worth £4.2 million to nonprofits last year. 2019 was the fourth year of doing good in our local communities, and as each year passes, we are able to do more. Last year we helped 292 organisations globally through grants supporting our key pillars: Sage Empowering Women, Sage Inspiring Youth, and Sage Serving Heroes. Our discounted product programme benefitted 549 nonprofits. All this was a significant increase against the year before.

Sage Foundation Charter

Sage Foundation is committed to transforming lives by investing our time, money, expertise and technology to create sustainable social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in our local communities around the world.

Support and funding

The funding options we offer

Everyone needs a helping hand to prosper. Our funding supports initiatives that deliver support to our local communities and the people that make them. We know that non-profit organisations need funding now, so they can take action - whatever tomorrow brings.


Sage Foundation programmes

Sage Foundation runs a number of programmes, both fundraising and educational, ranging from raising money to support the homeless, helping those affected by the Australian bushfires and supporting charities providing aid during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sage Foundation Grow

Sage Foundation Grow amplifies the impact we have on our communities by transforming the way the Sage community and non-profits connect, think, and work collaboratively to take action.
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Sage Foundation NPO Success

Sage Foundation NPO Success provides discounted Sage Business Cloud product subscriptions so you can save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and achieve compliance.