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Sage Foundation

About Sage Foundation

As a global organization employing more than 11,700 employees, we understand the importance of supporting charities and non-profit organizations that are meaningful to our people and our communities. We established Sage Foundation in 2015 to help us do this. Since then, we have built a model of action philanthropy via our employees, partners and customers by giving our time through face-to-face and virtual volunteering. 

We have fundraised almost $3 million to support non-profit organizations across the world. In addition to contributing our colleagues’ time and experience, we support the non-profit sector by providing discounted software to eligible charities, social enterprises, and other non-profit organizations.

To date, our employees have participated in almost 150,000 volunteer days to help causes they care about the most, build routes into education and support work readiness for young people and women.

Grants and funding

support and funding

Sage Foundation has strengthened its grant giving and partnership investment with additional funding. We invest in supporting local non-profits at a regional level and create partnerships for local volunteer opportunites. We have also invested in five strategic partnerships that support underrepresented groups, helping young people develop skills in AI and STEM - and always with a focus on protecting our planet.

Sage Foundation programs


Sage Foundation has invested in a number of long-standing programs that provide routes into education and pathways back into the workplace. Pathways and FIRST LEGO League are flagship projects that have been running for a number of years and with a presence in multiple Sage markets across the globe.

Partnerships for good

support and funding

Through our strategic partnerships, we engage our employees, customers and partners to give back to their local communities through impactful and innovative programs and initiatives. We currently work with five partners that have a history of providing effective support and delivering a meaningful impact.

The BOSS Network and ACE

Women of color are America’s fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs. However, black-owned businesses do not always reach their full potential due to systemic inequalities. Our partnerships with the BOSS Network and Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE) form an important part of the work we are doing to break down these barriers.

Kiva and Ashoka

To tackle economic inequality in the developing world, we are investing $1 million in loans, grants and direct support for social entrepreneurs through partnerships with Kiva and Ashoka. Kiva supports unbanked individuals all over the world who have difficulty accessing capital through traditional institutions.

Teens in AI

The Teens in AI initiative, launched at the AI for Good Global Summit at the UN in May 2018, hopes to inspire the next generation of ethical artificial intelligence researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders who will shape the world of tomorrow. The goal is to give young people early exposure to AI that is developed and deployed for social good.