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Tech for Good

We are committed to building an inclusive digital network you can trust. Through our Tech for Good pillar, we want to ensure everyone has equal opportunities to access life-changing data and technology while also championing data protection, security, and the ethical use of customer data.

Breaking down barriers to digital equality

For everyone to benefit from technology and the opportunities it creates, we need a truly diverse technology sector. Our goal is to ensure that individuals have equal opportunities in order to thrive in this new era of work.

Read about the primary ways we plan to address the lack of diversity in technology.

Striving for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our six commitments to help us advance Diversity Equity & Inclusion at Sage, as well as foster a stronger sense of belonging. These commitments are for all our colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and communities. We have made these commitments public so that you can hold us accountable, which helps to ensure that our actions, values and behaviors meet the standards you expect from us.
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Empowering people through Data for Good

Data empowers small businesses, governments, and individuals to make smart decisions. Trusted third parties help ensure safe and controlled data use. This involves supporting small businesses, tackling growth challenges, and offering accessible, reliable data.

Keeping customers safe

We have a global security team dedicated to ensuring that our customers' data are kept secure and protected. Our protective measures are based on recognized industry best practices and are continually under review to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the technology environment.

Shedding light on late payments

Sage has partnered with Smart Data Foundry, a mission-led organization that unlocks the power of financial data, as well as the UK government's Office of the Small Business Commissioner to review anonymized data over a decade so to understand how to tackle the issue of late payments among micro and small businesses. Find out more about the results.

Enabling everyone to make a difference

Nurturing talent goes beyond improving skill sets at Sage. Well-being, flexible work arrangements and volunteer time are all key to ensuring employees feel their best so that they can achieve results that make us proud.

Our goal is to:

  • Fundraise $5 million by 2030 for non-profit organizations around the world
  • Continue to offer every employee at Sage five paid days to volunteer or fundraise, and give their time to the organizations they care about the most

Making technology accessible to all

To ensure that our solutions and services are inclusive for everyone, we’re committed to providing transparency along the way. We are:

  • Aiming to offer full accessibility for Sage cloud native products by 2025
  • Part of the Valuable 500 Charter means equal opportunities for people living with disabilities
  • Publishing our global disability and inclusion plan for the next three years
  • Ensuring our website is open to everyone and in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Providing discounted product and financial literacy training for non-profit organizations 

Building a generation of tech talent

We’re creating opportunities for young people to thrive by learning life-changing digital skills. Building on our work with the Sage FutureMakers program and FIRST LEGO League, our goal is to create new digital skills opportunities for 10,000 students by 2023.


Sage Foundation has partnered with The Institution for Engineering and Technology (IET) to extend the FIRST® LEGO® League in the UK and Ireland through a program that challenges young people ages 4–16 to build robots and create innovative projects using LEGO® bricks and components.

Explore our Pillars

Human by Design

Our Human by Design pillar is our approach to amplifying economic inclusion and growing sustainably. We’re committed to building a diverse, human-centered culture, and we’re achieving this by fostering well-being alongside diversity, equity and inclusion, in our workplace and beyond.

Protect the Planet

The Protect the Planet pillar is our commitment to fight climate change and drive a faster global transition to net zero. We are delivering this commitment by halving our own emissions by 2030 and becoming net zero by 2040, empowering SMs to get to net zero and by advocating for regulatory frameworks to support the transition to a low-carbon economy, whilst championing the role of SMBs.