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Accessibility in everything we do

We design and build products for everyone in line with our core mission of removing barriers. We believe that better digital accessibility in our workplace supports all colleagues to thrive in their respective roles. 

Illustration of three people on a pathway, two of whom are visibly disabled; the first person is laying the path and the second is helping the third along the path

Our commitment to accessible experiences

We’re committed to knocking down barriers to ensure Sage products are accessible to all. Our next milestone is to enhance Sage cloud products to WCAG 2.1 AA level by the end of 2025.

Accessibility and our Sage design system

We aspire to ensure accessibility is at the forefront of everything we build with the new Sage design system. Each component and pattern we use will have dedicated accessibility guidelines. These will detail expected keyboard behavior, non-visual elements, best practice recommendations and more. 

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Continuously improving our products

We test all of our products with real users to help create designs that work for real people. Our testing includes users with accessibility needs, which helps us to understand the challenges that may arise in order to be able to develop solutions that work for everyone.

Helping people through Sage Foundation

Through the Sage Foundation, we are committed to working with a variety of organizations to help make accessibility needs possible for everyone.

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Building a culture of accessibility

Want to know how we’re bringing accessibility to our culture here at Sage ? We have built-in training for all colleagues to increase awareness about accessibility challenges. This provides a space for us to share ideas for improvement and to learn more about becoming advocates for increased accessibility. 

Accessibility Guild

We hold monthly presentations and workshops that take a deep dive into topics such as accessible collaboration and design, as well as sharing our work about web accessibility at Sage. 

Accessibility Surgery

This weekly, remote drop-in session is where designers, programmers and other Sage colleagues working on our digital products are able to raise topics and questions that have arisen in their own projects. The purpose is to learn from each other about accessibility challenges through collaborative discussions.

Chat and forum channels

We have created a dedicated and accessible remote workspace to meet the needs of all colleagues. Employees are able to share blog posts and videos, ask questions and most importantly - help each other out.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Every year, we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). In 2022, we ran a mini-conference with six presentations, which was attended by nearly 200 Sage colleagues. Each year we cover a range of topics, including accessibility-focused persona building and empathy workshops, among others.

Accessibility statements

Sage continuously assesses our products against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and are currently using version 2.1, level AA. Read our accessibility statements for more information on how we are making our individual products and experiences more accessible.