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Sage Foundation

Delivering Sage’s global programme of corporate philanthropy

Embedded across all 23 Sage markets, Sage Foundation unifies colleagues, Partners and customers in a programme of social change philanthropy. We help tens of thousands of people in our local communities through more than 1,000 charities.

CEO Steve Hare’s new challenge - help us donate $2 million by 2022

Partners and customers are invited to join Sage colleagues in our mission to raise $2 million for local charities by 2022. We’re kicking off the challenge through 20 events in 2020. 

Choose any challenge you like and support any charity close to your heart. We’ve been climbing mountains in Australia, cycling from London to Paris and riding multi-person bikes around Canadian cities. Danceathons, spinathons, marathons, and anything else you can come up with, are bringing us together, all around the world, to do good. 

To join in please contact us at: [email protected]

About Sage Foundation

Sage Foundation provides time, resources, and technology so non-profit organisations can help more people reach their true potential. We are focused on building social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in our local communities.
Sage Foundation Impact Report 2018: photo of smiling woman Sage Foundation volunteer at an event

Impact report 2018: view our success

Sage volunteering was worth £2.8 million to charities last year. 2018 was our third year of doing good in our local communities. As each year passes, we’re finding our niche and growing up a little bit more. Our grants programme has become more refined with a strong focus on our three key signature programmes — Sage Empowering Women, Sage Inspiring Youth, and Sage Serving Heroes. In total, last year we supported 162 organisations globally. This was a significant increase across our signature programmes and an overall increase in the number of grants awarded versus the year before.